[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] [단어] 대충

Recently I’ve been studying previous TOPIK Intermediate papers. It’s still very difficult for me because of the overload of new words and grammar points. I barely have time for studying Korean these days (especially that the semester is ending), so I deviced a plan where I could sneak in Korean studying in between completing my requirements for this semester.

Finding the Korean transcript of Scent Of A Woman makes things easier for me. I can now search for new words/grammar from both My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and Scent Of A Woman. Once I find the word/grammar I’m looking for, I wrote down the sentence/s where it was used and clip the audio. I compile them all together and I listen to it whenever possible – actively (like really listening and figuring out the other words and the meaning) or not (just playing in the background while I’m doing other stuff, just like now!).

Anyway, when I searched for 대충 (which can roughly be translated as approximately, roughly) I found that that word was interestingly used in Scent Of A Woman.


지우: 이만 돌아가죠.

연재: 네? 벌써요?

지욱: 대충 다 본 것 같은데요?



연재: 저, 주제 넘지만요.내일은 오늘처럼 다니지 마세요.여행 상품 만드려고 사전답사 왔다면서 대충 보고 어떻게 알겠어요.사소한 거 하나하나 좀 보고 느끼고 만져보고 먹어보고 직접 겪어봐야 알죠.해 보지도 않고.즐겁지도 않고.어떻게 좋은 여행이라고 얘기하면서 모객을 할 수 있겠어요?일한다 생각하지 말고 그냥 좀 즐기세요.그래야 더 좋은 여행 상품을만들죠.본부장님이 이번 출장에서 만드실 여행상품이요.누군가에게는 태어나서 처음으로 해 보는 여행일 수도 있고, 또 누군가에게는 죽기 전에 마지막으로 해 보는 여행이 될수도 있잖아요.


지욱: 그런데 참 별일이네요.

연재: 뭐가요? 는 뭐든 대충이셨잖아요.대충 봅시다.대충 가죠.그런데 뭐, 이 일은 왜 이렇게 발 벗고 나서세요?아!이 일 안 하면 아버지가 회사 안 물려주신대요?


연재: 아, 역시.쉽게 버니까 쉽게 쓰는구나.

지욱: 네. 대충 전철역 근처에 세워주면 되죠?

연재: 만날 대충이래.그냥 가는 김에 좀 데려다 주시면 안 돼요?


지욱: 내가 그 기획안을 본 기억이 없는데.

상우: 지난번에 대충.제 선에서 알아서 하라고 하셔서.

지욱: 뭐? 대충?그 기획안 당장 가지고 와.오늘부터 대충 일할 생각 없으니까.


지욱: 여기까지 어쩐 일이에요?

연재: 걱정이 돼서요 이번에도 대~충 보실까 봐.제가 만든 기획안이잖아요.본부장님이 상품 대충 만들어서 히트 안 되면 억울할 것 같아서.감수 좀 하려고요.가실까요?

These scenes suddenly became funnier for me after knowing 대충. English translations/subtitles in this case, can definitely give you an understanding of this word but I think the nuance of the word is somehow lost if I were to rely merely on subtitles.


2 thoughts on “[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] [단어] 대충

  1. Did you get the nuance of the word 대충?
    제가 보기에 대충 이해하신 것 같군요 ㅋㅋㅋ

    I think you had better consider the meaning of 대충
    To do or finish whole things, but not completely, preciously, and detaily.
    So it can be used oppositly on the situation.

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