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Korean subtitles for Korean drama is every Korean-language-learner-who-loves-Korean-dramas’ dream. I have attempted to sub My Name Is Kim Sam Soon in Korean but it’s a very tedious job. So, I was just contended in having the script printed and read it while watching – which is an equally tedious job. At the same time, the scripts that can be found floating around the internet are the original script and not the drama transcript, thus sometimes there are words or sentences that were altered. I would prefer a transcript than a script so that I can follow exactly what they were saying (though I like reading the scripts too because I can usually find out interesting scenes that the writer originally wrote that were either edited or deleted). I usually re-write them but since my Korean is not good enough, I sometimes can’t confirm what I am hearing. My solution – google! There are many Korean blogs that feature drama scenes and dialogue. If a particular scene is famous, there are usually blog entries about it and they are exact transcript of the dialogues more often than not.

Tonight, I was just refining my study materials. As I’ve mentioned a few posts ago, I’m learning TOPIK vocabulary through Korean dramas. I’ve been listening to the dialogue where the vocab that I want to learn was used. I just realized it’s difficult listening only to the dialogue and thought I could print the transcript of the dialogues too and read it while I listen. That way I can have a better recall. I don’t necessarily have to remember all the words in the dialogue, but I know that having a printed transcript will help me remember more words as I not only listen now but also read it over and over.

I’m using the scripts I downloaded. Again, I want the exact transcript as much as possible. I guessed and I googled and everything went well until I came across a scene I clipped which is not a very famous one. The dialogue was altered and I’m not sure if I’m hearing it correctly so I googled but I didn’t find what I need right away. So I tried and I tried many key word combinations until I stumble upon a gold mine!


When you preview a drama, there’s a menu on the right side that read 자막보기 (See transcription). And lo and behold the entire episode’s transcription is there! It’s not available in all dramas, but at least it is in Scent Of A Woman.

What makes me even happier is that I got the transcript until the final episode! I only have the script of Scent Of A Woman until Episode 8. [Download Scent Of A Woman Korean Transcript]

It’s in a transcription format, therefore there are no character names (and no scene descriptions). So it maybe difficult to look for certain dialogue or scenes. Not for me though. Since I have memorized the scenes of Kim Sun Ah’s dramas. And it’s even better for me because I can now make Korean subtitles for Scent Of A Woman easily!!! All I have to do is to just replace the English lines. I don’t have to edit then anymore from the script.

I’m still keeping my script though, because I still am curious about the changes that happen in between the release of the script and filimin/actual airing.

앗싸!!!! I already have complete script (transcript at least) of Scent Of A Woman. I have the complete script of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and When It’s At Night. So I’m only lacking City Hall script and I’ll have scripts of all of Kim Sun Ah’s dramas. Unfortunately there are no transcripts available for City Hall. If only there are, then I’m going to declare this day as the happiest superb day of my life!

PS: If anyone has the script/transcript of City Hall, please PLEASE let me know. 🙂

^__________^ I’m just so happy today!!!! I wish it’ll be summer vacation when I wake up tomorrow. I can’t wait to get my hands on these sweet transcripts and make Korean subs. Gah! I have already burned episode 1-8 of Scent Of A Woman with only English subtitles. Now I have to re-do them! But I don’t care! I don’t care! I’ll re-do everything! I have the complete transcript! Lalalalalalala~!!!!


23 thoughts on “Korean Drama Transcripts

  1. I wish to comment in your posts under Japanese but I hope you doesn’t mind that I left a comment here.I need your help 디아씨.
    My bf is learning Japanese and while we were in the middle of Japanese/Korean study together in skype ,a question popped in my head.I asked him if Japanese words is pronounce as it spell(unlike in Korean which there are some words pronounce differently when a certain letter precedes another letter ex.종로–>종노(on a side note:we fought on this word coz i kept insisting it’s 정로 i’m such a rough gf T_T)He couldn’t get my question maybe because he’s a beginner in Japanase or tired from too much studying .LOL. Please shed a light on this question.고마워요

    • Maybe he’s tired or maybe he really doesn’t notice it since he’s a native speaker. Since Korean is innate to them, especially pronunciation rules, they don’t notice what we, Korean learners, notice. Since most of these rules are for ease of articulation (may not be for us, but for them and their sound system it may be). Maybe if you explain it and give more examples he’ll get what you mean.
      Regarding your question about Japanese, I’m in no position to answer that since aside from the fact that I barely passed my Japanese classes, I throw just about everything away after the last day of classes (seimasen sensei). But from what I can remember I think there were some rules too or some exceptions on some words. I just can’t remember what is it / are them. And I’m not even sure if they are really rules for pronunciation that I’m thinking or rules for other things. O.o However, if there are any, it’s not a prevalent as it is in Korean.

      ㅎㅎ you can leave a comment on any post, even older ones. I read them all. ^^

  2. 감사합니다! I just downloaded the transcript for my favourite drama! 🙂 Think it would take a long time for me to decode the transcript. But yay… At least it is an article of interest.

  3. 디아씨,I think it would be better for me to watch 김선의 드라마.It just sink in to me that she acts so well and I remember watching the movie S Diary years ago and thought that she made me drawn to her.I just forgot that feeling but last night I watch a scene of 연인의 향기 where her character admits to her mom she has a cancer.I couldn’t help tearing up.Also I like how she speaks.

    • She has that effect on me (being drawn to her) too, thus I became like this – a big big big fan of hers. Quite amusing knowing other friends like/liking her too.
      Regarding the way she speaks… ㅎㅎㅎㅎ! I actually have a draft about her voice but haven’t finished writing it and will be writing it on summer vacation. But in brief, her voice really sounds good and unique and clear to me – and probably because of how she puts emotion on her voice as well when acting on dramas (thus merely listening to her dramas makes me feel the character’s emotions). Anyway, did you know that she used to get rejected a lot when she was auditioning for acting roles before? Because of the way she speak. They said she had a weird accent because she grew up in Japan. So she underwent speech classes. It’s either that ‘weirdness’ is still present what making her voice stand out (among other Korean actresses’ voices, that for me, most of the time sounds the same!) or her voice became really good after her speech classes. I’m thinking it could be a mixture of both that makes her voice unique. 🙂

  4. I also think her voice/the way she speaks is clear/ very understandable(Some actresses when they speak it’s like they’re swallowing the words!).I didn’t know she was rejected because of her accent.I just thought she doesn’t have Seoul Accent.ㅋㅋㅋ

    I hope to take the TOPIK test this September to keep me motivated in studying Korean.

    How was your experience meeting 현우님 and your fellow Korean learners?재미있었을 텐데요.:)

    • Also her hometown is Daegu, so add that to the many factors affecting the way she speaks now. 🙂

      Yeah! Go ahead and take it! An excuse for a meet-up on October!

      The meet-up was fun. I haven’t blogged about it because I’m still busy (yet I have time to blog about Kim Sun Ah. XD)

  5. Hi there! I’m looking for the transcript for My Name is Kim Sam-soon and I haven’t been able to find it. Do you know where I can get it, or would it be possible for you to send it to me? thanks!! 🙂

    • Email sent! I assume you’ve seen the drama, right? A Kim Sun Ah or a Lee Dong Gun fan? Or just 밤밤’s fan? Anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it, especially the last episode because they made some changes on it and I find the original script more romantic, if not better. 🙂

      • I love lee dong gun And I think the best drama in whole world is when it’s at night.
        I have been watching it every night since 4 years ago till now and It never gets boring.
        I don’t really like Kim sun ah (she is old and Wrinkled ). though I have watched all of her dramas( sam son, scent of a woman, I can do it,..) I think when she is fat she is more beautiful(for instance in ُُُُSam son or when it is at night her face and body is really good and sexy and irresistible) but when she is thin I cant stand her.
        any way, thanks for the script. I am reading page 220 now.
        It is really interesting.

  6. Hi again.
    I want Mi nami shine yo( you are beautiful) Hangul script
    I had it but It was hwp I think.
    It would be better if you have it in microsoft Word. (but its not really important, though WORD is better)
    I dont have hwp soft too
    send me to my email plz!!!!
    ps. can I learn korean in TOPIC web site?
    how? tell me more about the level it teaches…..

    • Hi!
      Sorry I don’t have a copy of You Are Beautiful. If you already have the hwp, you can install the hwp reader (if you are learning Korean, you’ll find it useful in the future). Or you can try converting the hwp to doc from some online converter websites.
      About TOPIK, there are no Korean lessons on TOPIK website. But you can get all the previous exams there on all levels.

  7. Hello
    I found mi namy shine yo in my files…but I didint find hwp
    There is no where to downloade it
    do you know any where that have hwp(2010) free download?
    I realy need it..
    any way you have a realy beautiful site. it is pink. I love pink

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