On Hiatus

어머, 시간이 벌써 이렇게 됐네!

I only have less than 5 weeks before the end of the semester. And end of semester means paper deadlines, exams and projects. 어떡해? 어떡해?!!!

I guess I have to put down my Korean lessons for the meantime. I’ve been so addicted in studying TOPIK papers these past few weeks and before I knew it my schoolworks have piled up. I also need to work double time to save for school fees next semester. ㅠㅠ

Well, as always, I will not really stop studying (that is just unforgivable and unacceptable! ㅎㅎ). I just won’t delve into TOPIK papers or textbooks and spend hours writing down notes and making sentences (and drop my dramas for now). But I will forever be listening (active or not – just like what I am doing right now) to the audio clip I’ve compiled. To help me remember new vocabs I came across with while answering TOPIK papers, I look for them on my Kim Sun Ah dramas, then rip the scene’s audio where the new vocab was used (there are times that I cheated and included even those words that are not really new to me just because I like a particular scene 🙂 ). I have already compiled about 40 minutes worth of audio (for the 어휘 및 문법 part of the 18th TOPIK). I think that’s enough to keep me company while preparing for exams, writing papers and going to and from school. Want to hear a sample?

What I like most about listening to dialogues is that I don’t only get to study the new vocabs and grammar I’ve encountered in the TOPIK paper/s I’m reviewing but I also get to pick up more words and grammar points from the dialogues even if I’m not intentionally trying to remember them. It also improves my listening and, hopefully, speaking skills. I mimic the dialogues once in a while too.

I will still also bring with me the TOPIK paper that I have murdered with notes so that I can read and review them when I have free time.

And will still sleep with 내 이름은 김사순 book by my side so that I can still practice reading at least a paragraph or so a day, before going to sleep. That is, if I’ll still be sleeping in the next 5 weeks. O.o

And still fangirl! But no dramas for now. Just read news about Kim Sun Ah, if any (yes, if any! ㅠㅠ I miss her! But it’s kinda okay since the least I need at the moment are distractions).

All I think about now is that once this semester is over I’m free!!! Yey (at least before the next semester starts)! And I can study as much Korean as I want, blog as often as I want, watch as many dramas as I want, and fangirl to my heart’s content! Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Teehee! Scent of a Woman and My Name is Kim Sam Soon~! That audio clip made me want to watch MNIKSS again. I can’t wait to get my copy of the novel~ I wish you all the best for this semester. Hope you pass with flying colors and earn money for next semester. You’re sending yourself to school? Wow! I have high respect for people who work to pay their way through college.

    • I have high respect for those who can send themselves to college and being good in school as well. Because I have to work, I can’t do well in school. And because of school I can’t do well at work (I really don’t care much weather I do good or not at work, however I can’t earn enough because I can’t work as long as I need to most of the time). The only things I think I can do well is fangirling and studying Korean! XD

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