Online Korean Lessons?

I’m a part time ESL tutor for a Japanese company. Where I work, students can sign-up for a 25-minute English lesson with a tutor for a very affordable cost. I like how students can have many options for their lessons. They can study with a book, or a company-designed conversation or grammar lesson on different levels. They can have article discussions or just have free conversations with the tutor.

Most students are busy office workers who try to squeeze in a 25-minute lesson before they go to bed. I actually admire my students because they are very hardworking. Despite the fact that they are tired from work, they still take at least a lesson a day.

I used to enroll in an online Korean class before but it didn’t work for me. The great loads of assignments and a long wordlist that we have to memorize just stresses me out. For the company that I work for, we don’t give the students assignments. I think if we give them load of assignment and exams a lot of students will drop the class. I guess most of them just want to have some practice for at least 2-minutes. Those who are serious in studying then attend classroom classes or self-study. Sometimes I wish there is an equivalent online Korean lessons where students are free to choose lessons that would work for them.


8 thoughts on “Online Korean Lessons?

  1. I’d love to have that kind of job, teaching people English. About that Korean online class, *hi5* Totally agree. It was so stressful and I was unmotivated the entire time I was in that class. It’s just terrifying to have to remember 50 words or more in a week. One by one, the students, including me, quit the class.

    • So you also enrolled to the-online-class-that-must-not-be-named. Providing free classes is highly commendable actually, however it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t usually feel stressed when studying Korean, either self-study or in a classroom setting, however that class-that-must-not-be-named just pushed my limits. I want to think it’s because I took it when I have a full load of subjects too. But I guess even if I’ll take it during summer vacation it will still be very stressful. I dunno… now that I think about it, maybe, if the timing is perfect, i’ll try to re-enroll again? I hope to have classmates though. I was alone for a few lessons and it makes me feel more uncomfortable and stressed.

      • *hi5* to you both on you-know-what homework, I finish the class but I couldn’t handle that 50 words per week homework too~! I tried memorizing but stopped doing that at uhm the 2nd week? xP

      • I actually saw your name from their blog. Looks like you did well. I hope you learned a lot. Congratulations! I’m considering taking it again, but I’m kinda liking the way I’m learning on my own pace now. 🙂

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