Whatever happened to Kim Sun Ah’s me2day?

EDIT: Kim Sun Ah created a new me2day account last July 25, 2012. Follow her at http://me2day.net/kimsuna1001

I’ve meant to write this post last Saturday morning when we were all surprised to see Suna Unnie’s me2day almost empty except for the first post last June 29th. For one day we were worried why she decided to remove all her posts. She did it without any warning. I don’t read comments on her me2day posts simply because understanding her posts is already difficult for me, why bother reading comments too.

I don’t know what’s bothering her. But based on her recent posts she looks like she’s quite bothered. Was it because of some anti-fans that again resurfaced after her post about The Moon That Embraces The Sun (which is against the time slot of Lee Dong Wook’s drama)? Or more than that?

I am personally saddened with the deletion of her previous posts. I haven’t saved all her photos 😥 and I like re-reading her posts once in a while to practice my Korean. At the same time, can’t help but worry about her.

And just thinking about all those memories she shared on her me2day posts are now all gone, is just sad. We managed to find meet her because of her me2day. She shared little funny moments with her fans as she replies to our comments or play little games with us. And she keeps me motivated because of that one message.

But at least… at least… she did not close her account.

Some fans assumes that Suna Unnie wants a fresh start, thus she deleted everything. And, fortunately, they were correct. The following day, yesterday, she posted a new post explaining she wants to start anew. She wanted to close her me2day but because of us, her fans, she said she can’t close it. And we were thankful.

But today we were all surprised to find out that she finally closed her me2day. ㅠㅠ

At first it was really really sad. Most fans, me included, only joined me2day because of her. And now that she’s no longer there, it’s kinda sad in me2day. We were all tongue-tied looking at the notice on her screen.

It’s no longer just a pause (that she also did before), nor mere deletion of posts. She’s no longer in me2day.

Can’t help but worry too. What is it that she’s going through and how difficult is it for her?

Thankfully she went to our “hometown” Sunaforever. She left a message briefly explaining her reasons. She apologized for having to close her me2day. She said she’s okay and doesn’t want her fans to worry. Because whenever she reads a comment / message of a worried fan it hurts her all the more. She said she just needs more time. And she will start again.

Actually this happened before. She used to have a cyworld right after S Diary and it’s open to the public. After she gained sudden popularity with the success of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon her cyworld gained popularity as well and when she can no longer take it, she decided to delete it. And when asked a few years ago, if she’s gonna open her private cyworld to the public, she said never!

So I was actually surprised when she opened her Facebook last year (though I think it was due to King Kong Entertainment) and thus even more surprised when she opened me2day too! Was happy that we get to have more venues to interact with her. But a bit worried because it seems like it’s going to be a bit too much for her. But I also thought maybe she have changed since most celebrities now have me2days or twitters.

It is sad that she doesn’t have me2day, at least for now. As I’ve said most of her fans are only on me2day because of her. And now some said they no longer find me2day fun. Yes, it’s true. A simple me2day post from her is enough to brighten up my day. I also was able to study Korean from me2day. It has been like my lang-8/harukorean. I can just post a question in Korean and in a few seconds fans of Suna Unnie are there to answer my query. Will they still stay in me2day even if Suna Unnie isn’t there anymore? Will I still stay in me2day?

I’m not imposing, nor even wishing that Suna Unnie goes back to me2day. She doesn’t owe anyone anything. Actually if it will just hurt her, I think it’s better for her to stay away from it. I would miss her but she still have Facebook (which she can also opt to remove if she wants) and of course Sunaforever! We’ve been fans since 2006. We don’t have Facebook nor Me2day then. So what’s the fuss? It’s just a bit 안타깝다, yes. And I will definitely miss it. But we’re just back to how we were before, so no problem.

And maybe she’s finally letting go of Lee Yeon Jae and will return with a new ID that is not anymore related to Scent Of A Woman.

I was just really worried earlier. And now that she said she’s okay and there’s no need to worry, then I’m okay with or without me2day.

I’m thankful for more than half a year of me2day fun with her. And I’m thankful we had our little me2day moment (that is my sole reason for being strong until now, will always be thankful Unnie) before of all these brouhaha.

So guys, let us just give her more time. And let’s cheer for her as we wait for her.


16 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Kim Sun Ah’s me2day?

  1. Dia, hi i just created an acc in me2day, because i want to follow 김선아 on http://me2day.net/kimsuna1001
    but when I’m clicking the “friend” button,, It didn’t push through I’m getting an error msg:
    “kim sun ah does not receive a friend request from a user who is not registered 프로필 사진이 ” what does it mean?? please help..

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