Learning Mandarin: 老鼠爱大米

I used to take Mandarin (or any other Chinese language) as pure noise. When I was in Taiwan last 2010, I shut all the “noise” up and just filter English and Korean.  After about 4 months of attending a Mandarin class (and watching one Taiwanese drama), Mandarin had started taking its form. I no longer hear “noise” when I listen to Mandarin. Rather I hear sounds that form words. And words that form sentences. And I know that these sentences carry meanings. Of course I can only understand and recognize words and sentences that are on my textbook, but it’s fun because listening to Mandarin now is like a mini game for me. A try-to-catch-as-many-words-as-you-can game. If only I had known that I’ll be taking Mandarin as a language elective, I would’ve listened more to my surroundings well while I was in Taiwan instead of blocking all those “noises” off.

Last Friday our laoshi taught us a song – 老鼠爱大米. And I’m loving it. The melody is very catchy.

I also found a Korean version and I love it too more (simply because I can understand it more).

I spent my Saturday listening to C-pop while trying to choose a song for our final project and I am loving what I am hearing.

I guess I’m really starting to love Mandarin (but not as much as Korean, of course). Though it’s still not enough for me to learn beyond our classroom lessons. However I’m kinda feeling a bit sad because I know that once our class ends, I’ll stop learning Mandarin and will most probably forget everything I’m learning right now. Well, I still have almost a year with 3 more Mandarin classes lined up. Who knows where it will take me.

2 thoughts on “Learning Mandarin: 老鼠爱大米

  1. Hello! so glad to know that you are enjoying Mandarin lessons! (and C-pop?) you make me miss my Mandarin classes. It’s those classes that we have everyday throughout our school life in Singapore. Although English is used officially, but seriously to me i would consider Mandarin as my first language. I definitely love it more than English and i think it’s just kinda of a rare thing here. haha.
    Anyway, hope you’ll continue to enjoy learning! Instead of just saying 加油, i’d use one of the unique aspect of Mandarin,a 4 character Chinese idiom(成语), 持之以恒,meaning to perservere and don’t give up! =)

    • Thanks! Interestingly Koreans also use this 4 character Chinese idioms! It would take me forever to learn those things, but thanks for giving me one and I like it! I’ll try to remember it. 🙂

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