Jumping on the bandwagon called 해품달

Though I love watching Korean dramas, I’m not into sageuks because they are all pretty long and I THOUGHT they were boring.

But that was after my first sageuk Tree With Deep Roots. I had no intentions watching Tree With Deep Roots but my favorite professor said she wants to watch it. I was quite surprised because I don’t think she is someone who watches dramas because whenever we talk about dramas she doesn’t seem to get what we were talking about. I got curious and started watching Tree With Deep Roots and before I knew it I was staying up until 4:00 or 5:00am, trapped in the just-one-more-episode spell.

Tree With Deep Roots changed my view towards sageuks. I finally understood why a lot of people are getting hooked on sageuk dramas. They can be really addicting. Not to mention sageuks are beautiful – the story, the sets, the costumes, the language -everything!


I just finished Tree With Deep Roots when I first heard about The Moon That Embraces The Sun. A lot of people online were raving about it just after the first episode aired. I was a bit tempted to watch it but I was torn between watching a new one or picking up one of the dramas I left behind. OR selecting from my long to-watch list. OR re-watching Kim Sun Ah’s dramas. OR not watching any – after all school works are starting to pile up.

I decided to not watch any for the meantime (and just re-watch Scent Of A Woman once in a while as I encode them on DVDs). But the drama-addict in me feels so empty not having a drama in tow. Thus I decided to watch Me Too, Flower over The Moon That Embraces The Sun because I was thinking I just finished a sageuk. But Me Too, Flower doesn’t get (or probably haven’t gotten?) my attention, thus I barely start an episode (cobwebs are starting to collect on my Me Too, Flower folder). And I find it better that way. At least I’m not too much distracted from school works and Korean studying. I also can get more sleep.

But The Moon That Embraces The Sun keeps nagging me.

I found out the Kim Yoo Jung is playing the young Wol. Gah! Mom and I adores her so much from the first few episodes of Dong Yi (my mom watches the local broadcast, I just glance at it from time to time). *ignores*

I found out that my little Mi Joo (who has grown a lot), Suh Ji Hee plays the young Seol. *curious, but still… ignores*

A lot of people are raving over it. *ignore, ignores, lalala*

Saw how georgeous Han Ga In is in hanbook! *drools… but still.. ehm… okay, putting it on my to-watch list… someday… someday… I’ll watch you*

A lot of blogger-friends talk about it non-stop! *summer vacation, please come faster! I wanna watch it now! They are killing me with their blog posts and tweets

Then Kim Sun Ah posted about it on her Me2Day! *starts downloading the episodes right away!*

Haha! I thought all along that I’m doing well in restraining myself from watching this drama. But it only took one me2day post from Kim Sun Ah and here I am, with my eyes closed, jumping on the bandwagon too! Sleepless nights, here I come!

*Urgh download, can’t you go any faster?

3 thoughts on “Jumping on the bandwagon called 해품달

  1. LOL while reading this line, “Then Kim Sun Ah posted about it on her Me2Day! *starts downloading the episodes right away!*”

    Currently watching it and missing the child actors so much. Btw, I’m now watching Scent Of A Woman. Thanks for the recommendation ^^

    • ㅋㅋㅋ!
      I finally started watching it last night on my way home. But only managed to finish the first 30mins because I was approaching my stop. I’ve only seen the shaman’s premonition of Weol I can’t help but awe at Kim Yoo Jung. She is so pretty and excellent in acting. Can’t wait to continue watching later tonight. 🙂
      Hope you’ll enjoy SOAW as much as I do. ^^

  2. 해품달 really popular and issue drama thesedays in Korea as you mentioned.
    one more you have to consider is the 사극 like these kinds is not typical historical story.

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