[Learning Korean With Kim Sun Ah] 답 없는 수수께끼 – a puzzle without a solution

Kim Sun Ah posted this on her me2day:

ㄱ ㄹ ㄴ ㄴ ㅈ ㅁ ㅇ ㄱ ㅇㅎ ㄴ ㄴ ㄱ ㄷ ㄹ ㅈ ㅁ ㄹ ㅁ ㅇ ㄷ ㄴ ㄴ ㅈ ㅎ ㄹ ㄱ ㅎ ㅈ ㅅ ㅆ ㅇ ㅈ ㄴ ㅌ ㅇ ㄴ ㅎ ㅈ ㅁ ㄱ ㅁ ㄷ ㄱ ㄷ ㄷ ㅇㅇ ㄱ ㄷ ㅇ ㄷ ㅇ ㄴ ㄴ ? 
ㄴ ㄱ ㅎ ㅁ ㅋ ㄷ ㄱ ㅂ ㄱ ㅇ ㄴ ㄱ ㄷ ㄱ ㄹ ㄴ ㄴ ㄱ ㅇ ㅅ ㄷ ㄱ ㅇ ㅎ ㄷ ㅇ ㄴ ㄹ ㄴ ㄱ ㅇ !

She said “It’s possible to write this way, huh!”. And later on added, “Don’t try knowing and solving this. This is a puzzle that doesn’t have an answer. (How can this be solved? I even included the 받침 patchim).”

Well, aside from the fact that she included the patchim, there are no spaces (nor clues as to where the spaces should be). And no one has any idea what she is talking about. Plus who knows if she’s using slang or aegyo again?

But I wonder, is this really a puzzle without a solution? Yes, a part of me wants to solve it and I know it’s a crazy idea. 🙂


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