2012 Philippine Korean Studies Symposium

The poster says it all.

No registration fee, BUT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. For interested parties please leave a comment with your email address ASAP. Or email me at alodia4448@yahoo.com so that I can contact you for registration details.

Please take note that this is a whole day event.

Hope to see you in our campus!


7 thoughts on “2012 Philippine Korean Studies Symposium

    • 응! Actually may class ako from 8:30-5:30, but I was forced (like literally) by 선생님 to register in front of her and was advised to skip classes. LOL. But 선생님 is right, this is 중요헌 것. Aly씨는?

    • Punta ka! Wala ka naman palang ginagawa eh. 🙂 Saka para makita kita! LOL di kaya mag-ingay lang tayo dun?
      I’ll be there early, might skip my morning classes (unless may exams), might have to go to my 1:30 class kasi dami ko na absences dun. or baka pwede pang humirit ng isang absent… tapos yung afternoon classes, depende ulit kung may super important na gagawin. Pero kung wala, yup whole day lang ako sa symposium. 🙂

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