Random Weekend Ramblings

Yey! Finally it’s weekend again. Last week was quite tiring (despite the fact that all I really did was laze around while praying I’ll survive all my classes).

After finishing my paper (if that’s how we can all it) on ethnolinguistics and basically spent the rest of my week studying for my Mandarin midterm exam, attempting to read assigned readings for my linguistics classes and studying for Korean in between (which is what I really wanted to do in the first place).

Yesterday was supposedly my oral exam in Mandarin. My schedule was early and I live far from our university so I woke up really early and arrived really early. But my exam was postponed O.o. I’m quite happy because I’ll have 4 more days to prepare for it, but I really wished I slept some more. Anyway I just used the time to go to the library and hoarded collected assigned linguistics readings.

I also had time to finally meet my 선생님. I copied video lectures from her and we managed to catch up with each other a bit. I love talking to her because she will never NEVER EVER talk in English (despite the fact that her English is perfect!) with me.

I also inquired about TOPIK registration since I’ve been receiving inquiries from interested TOPIK takers (thus my previous post). Then she asked me yesterday if I am still studying Korean. I said yes. Seems like she doesn’t want to believe me (since I was too busy to show up for the past few weeks), thus she asked “How?”. 😀 So I showed her my notebook that I bring with me all the time (so that I can review it when I have some free time in between classes or while waiting in line or during commute). She browsed through it and said, “열심히 공부하구나!”. 😀 선생님, do you think I will fail you? Nah-ah-ah! XD XD XD

Was a bit shy because there were tons of sample sentences from my Kim Sun Ah dramas that are written all over my notebook. Things like: 내가 이연재 씨 한테 감정은 게 있어서 그러는 건 절대 아니니까 오해는 하지 말고. And worse: 이 자식이 고개를 돌리고… 이 자식이! I really hope she didn’t notice them… O.o

I also had lunch with my good friends – my 수업mates (a name we coined for ourselves at at time when we still don’t know what 반친구 is, but we know what수업 means) in our Korean classes few semesters ago.

Not everybody were there, but it was fun to see most of them again. My Korean classes were the happiest classes I had! We used to spend (a lot of) time with each other everyday after our classes. But now we have different schedules and some of them have graduated already so it’s difficult to find a time that matches everyone’s schedule. I hope before some of them leaves for Korea, we can get to have a mini reunion again.

I also heard an annoying news before I left the campus. Something Korean related but I’d rather not talk about it here. It totally pissed me off. Good thing I was really tired and sleepy when I get home last night, thus I fell asleep the moment I touched my bed. I had a good sleep and I’m feeling better this morning (but still a bit annoyed! haha!)

Later me and my aunt will go to my grandma’s birthday party. 今天下午我要去外婆的生日酒会. I wrote this without using any dictionaries (I hope I chose the correct characters though). I know this is a very simple one, but I’m happy I can finally say a sentence in Mandarin on my own. At least a week’s worth of effort have some results.

A random photo. My little study corner. I don’t have a desk (oh well, I ‘technically’ have one but I don’t use it), so I study in my bed (not recommended! It’s prone to make you sleepy!). Here I have a bunch of colored pens and highlighters (the OC me can’t study without them), a cup of coffee (coffee makes me sleepy! But recently I found out that black tea keeps me awake! Happy!), linguistics books (and I need to finish reading some many chapters this weekend), Mandarin and Korean notes plastered all over my wall (not so pretty, but it does helps me a lot), some photos of me and Kim Sun Ah (to keep me motivated! ㅎㅎ), my whiteboard (right now it have Mandarin prnunciation cheats and my never ending to-do lists), my Chinese character practice sheets (inspired from a post from Dorian Wacquez), underneath were my Korean notebooks and my ever reliable netbook (currently reading Hangukdrama‘s recent post)

So after my grandma’s birthday party I’m just gonna hibernate in my room for 4 days and attempt to do the following:

  • memorize all our Chinese character set
  • review for my postponed Mandarin oral exam
  • study Mandarin in advanced
  • start writing my second ethnolinguistics paper (I don’t want to cram anymore!!! ㅠㅠ writing my first paper was a traumatic experience)
  • finish at least 4 pages of TOPIK paper
  • review TTMIK lessons (level 3 and 4. I badly want to start level 5!)
  • finish my assigned readings for my linguistics subjects (!!!)
  • start reviewing for my linguistics theories class (I’m starting to get nervous for the finals next month!)
  • study and review for biology (!) (I barely passed my midterms, I can’t lax!)
  • start on our paper about semantics
  • blog! 🙂
  • finish re-watching Scent Of A Woman
  • write a reaction paper for Mandarin class
  • make a storyboard for Mandarin class final project
  • write letters
  • answer emails
  • study Sogang 3A
  • finish decorating my planner ^^
  • update my pc and cellphone playlist
  • WORK!

4 days seems very long but considering the things I need AND want to do, I’m afraid 4 days may not be enough. Well, I’ll do my best and let’s see what I can finish.

Happy weekend!

11 thoughts on “Random Weekend Ramblings

  1. Wow! You have lots of things to do!
    I’m studying twice as hard nowadays coz I’m looking forward to take TOPIK this year. Nowadays, I’ve been reading the script for Kim Sam Soon. Too many words I’m not familiar with but it’s fun coz I get to learn new words and new grammar structures as well. When did you start reading the Kim Sam Soon novel and what was your level when you started reading it?

    • Hi Angeli! Will you be taking the one this coming April or the September one? I’m also studying twice as hard (would love to study thrice as hard but I have tons of schoolwork this sem). Wow! You’re reading MNIKSS script. Yeah that one’s a bit difficult, especially the first part of Episode 1. Lots of big words like dementia, philosophy and astronomy just on the first few sequences – spoken at outmost speed! What episode are you studying now? I’ve started studying it a year ago I guess, but I stopped. Now I’m simply using MNIKSS and other Kim Sun Ah dramas’ scripts as a supplement as I study for TOPIK. Will study Scent Of A Woman afterwards (I feel it’s a bit simpler than MNIKSS), then City Hall, then will restart studying MNIKSS script again. It’s fun to study with drama scripts, right? ^^
      As for the novel, I bought it when I was still a beginner. I’m just afraid they would run out of print so I didn’t want to wait until I’m good enough to read it. I used to use it as a reading practice material – just reading it without understanding, just recognizing simple words here and there. I actually still haven’t read it in full. But I did attempt to read it once in a while and will always be surprised that somehow I can read and understand more and more. Last time I attempted to read it, I was able to understand most of the prologue, but things gets more and more difficult. Will attempt to read it again probably after I studied my drama scripts. 🙂

      • I wanna take the one on September. I can’t on April because I’m about to start work in March. OTL I just wish my parents will let me go to Manila just to take TOPIK. XD I’m still on Episode 1. Haha! Although I’m still a beginner, I can understand some sentences that are a bit advanced for my level. Oh! I’d love to study using the script for Scent of a Woman. Will google it later.

        I’m planning to buy a Korean novel to challenge and perhaps motivate myself but I’m still having a battle with myself whether I should buy the 내 이름은 김삼순 novel or Big Bang’s 세상에 너를 소리쳐.

      • I hope your parents will allow you. Then we can meet during the exam day! I’d definitely be taking it (again, unless Kim Sun Ah decides to go to the Philippines again on the exam date, nothing’s gonna stop me from taking it on September! XD). Aside from reading the script I also listen to the drama. I converted MNIKSS in mp3, so I listen to it on the way to school. I learned a lot from MNIKSS episode 1. My most fave word so far was 미행하다! And was able to use it when I talked to Kim Sun Ah in Cebu. ㅋㅋㅋ. I have scripts of SOAW. I’ll email it to you. That’s a good way to challenge yourself. The novel of MNIKSS has been nagging me to ‘read me!’ nonstop, thus I want to study harder with the goal of being able to read it at ease one of these days. Choose the one that’s closer to your heart. I’m a big big big fan of Kim Sun Ah and Kim Sam Soon, and it’s always been my dream to read the novel to compare it to the drama. The novel was written years before the drama aired. I loved the drama so much and I badly want to know which parts of the drama is original and which ones are the original idea of the novelist. If you love Big Bang more, I’d say you go for the Big Bang novel. 🙂
        Btw, I’ve seen Sunny. And I loved it! I just can’t leave a comment on your blog. I dunno why but I often have problems leaving a comment on blogger these days. 😥

  2. Have you taken TOPIK before? How hard was it?

    You’re so lucky you got to talk to her. What does she look like in person? I mean does she look the same when you see her on TV or is she more stunning in person?

    Can you please send me the script? I googled for it last night but the ones I found contain ‘alien’ symbols. Even though I already changed the language, the font, the encoding etc, still no changes. OTL

    I don’t know which book I want more. Kim Sam Soon is so dear to me not only because I love both Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin, but also because the story was beautiful and it’s different from all the other dramas I’ve seen where the leading lady has everything (beauty, brains, money, sexy body). Kim Sam Soon is someone that an average girl like me can relate to. Kim Sam Soon (the character, not Kim Sun Ah) is not perfect and she has flaws just like any ordinary girl. But in the end, she still got Prince Charming not because of her physical appearance but because she was a nice girl with a big heart who deserves to be loved. XD

    But…I also love Big Bang. XD

    I really liked that movie!

    Awww, it’s okay. I actually hate blogger sometimes because I get an error when I drop a comment on a blog hosted on blogger. I’m moving back to wordpress. I was able to retrieve my old wordpress blog. I’m still fixing it so it’s still private.

    • I took beginner TOPIK last 2010. It was easy. That time was a phase in my Korean learning where I can absorb tons and tons of new information at a rapid speed (wondering where all that went. been in a bottleneck for a long time now… though I have a feeling that I’m starting to overcome it as I prepare again for TOPIK, hopefully!). And outside my textbooks, I’ve also been exposed to too much Kim Sun Ah dramas by that time. And I managed to answer about 5 questions because of things that I was able to remember from dramas. And I wrote about Kim Sun Ah on the writing part. 🙂 Have you downloaded the previous TOPIK exams. You should and try answering them so that you can see if it’s going to be difficult for you or not.

      Honestly I’m always stunned whenever I stand next to Suna Unnie. I can’t describe how she looks in person because I honestly can’t remember. Now it makes me regret not looking at her face more. All I can say she is very tall (considering the fact that I’m really short) and her face is really small. And all I can remember is her warm hands and her warm hugs and her deep voice and how nice she is to me (which makes me more stunned if it’s possible).

      I emailed you the script. 🙂

      Wow! I didn’t know you like Kim Sam Soon that much. 그럼, why not buy both books then. It will give you 2x more reason to study more. 🙂

      I don’t like blogger because I can’t get notification if my fave blogs have new post and it often doesn’t let me leave a message (dunno if it’s something between blogger and my browser). Glad to know you’ll be moving to wordpress. ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. I will download the TOPIK papers and see if I can answer some of the questions. If only I live in Manila, I would enroll in a Korean class. I enjoy self-studying but sometimes I’m not sure whether or not I’m making any progress and I just think that being in a class would be fun.

    Haha! I think I’d be stunned to stand right next to her as well. Since I’ve never seen her in person before, I’m curious what she looks like and I always wonder what she smells like. LOL

    Yes I really do love Kim Sam Soon and I used to always get furious whenever I miss an episode because back then, we still had no internet so I have no choice but to wait for it on TV. I’m thinking of buying both. XD The more reason, the better. It’ll keep me motivated.

    I got your email~ Thank you so much~! ^^ I’ll let you know when I’m already back to wordpress.

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