26th TOPIK Registration – Philippines

The 26th TOPIK will be held on April 15th 2012 in the Philippines. Registration on-going. For those who are planning to take the exam, please contact:

Jung-In Korean Language Foundation Inc

Address: 2F Wardley Bldg. 1991 San Juan St. Taft Avenue, Pasay City

Telephone Number: (02)536-8225 / (02)557-6988

Contact Person: Mr. Hwang In Su

You have to fill-out and submit a registration form and pay a registration fee. You can get the forms from the Jung-In Office (I can’t find a downloadable application from online). Don’t forget to bring ID pictures when you go to Jung-In office, you need to attach 2 ID photos on the forms. As for the size, it looks like the passport size one, however they are not strict with it anyway. I submitted 2×2 ID photos before and last time I submitted 1x1s. 🙂

I’m not taking the exam this April because 1.) I have to take summer classes and 2.) I don’t think I’ll be ready for the intermediate by then (knowing that I have tons of schoolwork to finish by the end of March). Good luck to those who are planning to take the exam this summer. 🙂

By the way, I heard the registration fee is 300 pesos and I also heard the registration is only until February 9th. I’m not 100% sure about these info, so don’t quote me. Please call Jung-In for verification.


Get off LRT 1 – Gil Puyat Station. Walk along Taft Ave (towards Vito Cruz station). The name of the building and the street sign is barely noticeable, so just look for a light pink building with a big sign written in white hangeul against a dark blue background that reads 마닐라 구세군 교회 (The Salvation Army Manila Korean Church).

Wardley Building


12 thoughts on “26th TOPIK Registration – Philippines

    • That’s for aspiring OFWs who wants to work in Korea. EPS stands for Employment Permit System. I was surprised that they now call it TOPIK. If I’m not mistaken it used to be EPS-KLT before. POEA requires those who wants to work in Korea to take and pass the KLT (or EPS-TOPIK now). You can take that one too, if you want, though that one is really for employment purposes (that’s why there’s a validity of 2 years only). TOPIK is what most Korean universities recognize. The exam format and grading system is different from TOPIK. And I believe EPS-TOPIK will be on March 18 and not on April. (Oh! I also found out it’s more expensive to register for EPS TOPIK. 1,000+). You can read this for more info about the exams (http://hangukdrama.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/klpt-vs-topik/). I haven’t taken EPS-TOPIK, though I sat on a mock EPS-KLT exam when I was doing a short stint in TESDA (along with aspiring OFWs) and I used a reviewer for EPS-KLPT for my first TOPIK exam. 🙂

    • Hi! I’m not so sure about it. But you can contact Jung In and ask them. 🙂
      Jung-In Korean Language Foundation Inc
      Address: 2F Wardley Bldg. 1991 San Juan St. Taft Avenue, Pasay City
      Telephone Number: (02)536-8225 / (02)557-6988

  1. hi.. just wanna ask if possible to take the exam even i havent studied formally in korean language academies? cuz I just study by myself. thank you

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