Me on Creativity Japanese’s “Life is a Journey”

When fellow blogger, Creativity Japanese, launched her blog’s first giveaway, I never thought that I’d end up joining. It’s not that I’m not interested, in fact I really am. But sometimes I procrastinate a lot and end up not meeting the deadlines of contests like this O.o. But I find Creativity Japanese’s question really interesting thus I decided to give it a shot (and managed to defeat my lazy self and was able to write something decent before the deadline!).

I never expected that I’d get chosen as one of the 3 winners – more so being chosen as a “favorite reply”.

Creativity Japanese’ blog, Life is a Journey, is one of the first language blogs I’ve known and consistently follow. Definitely one of my favorites! I find a lot of useful information on her blog(s) and I love her no-nonsense insights on languages, culture and language learning. Thus  I am really thrilled to be “featured” on her blog. Thanks Creativity Japanese!

So, which aspect of Korean culture I like the most and which aspects of it I would like to experience in future? READ HERE.

One thought on “Me on Creativity Japanese’s “Life is a Journey”

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