Addicting Korean Typing Game

I don’t have problems typing since I’ve been typing even before I started school! I think I learned typing while I was learning how to read. My mom owns a typewriter since she used to work as a secretary and I am so amazed at how fast she can type and how she can talk to me while typing. So I mimicked her a lot and before I knew it I can also type fast.

I can touch type in both Filipino and English. Thus when I started learning how to type in Korean, it was really not difficult for me. And I didn’t even need a Korean keyboard nor stickers.

I did learn through some old Korean typing tutor games at first but I didn’t continue with it. I just practice by writing on Kim Sun Ah’s fansites. Of course I still suck at Korean typing AND spelling.

And today I found this TYPING GAME in Daum from Picking Up Korean‘s blog. I tried it and I love it!

I don’t know much about the game/s since I just played away with it the moment I clicked the link never bothering the scoring and levels. There are 3 sets of games. Character practice, Word practice and Sentence practice. I didn’t check the character practice but I’m sure it’s fun for beginner Korean typists.

I tried the word practice first and it was fun. The first levels were easy. And what I love the most, aside from practicing my typing skills, I can test my vocabs and spelling. So as I type I think of the meaning of the words I’m typing and I try to remember the spelling of words that I often misspelled. I can’t help but smile when some of the new words I was studying today appeared. My “lives” were intact from Levels 1-5 but I “died” on Level 6!

Then I tried the sentence practice part and it’s also fun! You get to choose the category of what type of sentences you’ll want to practice with. And this time, again aside from typing, I can test both vocabs and grammar and see if I can understand the sentences and the entire story.

Now, who cares about Angry Birds? O.o This is waaaay more addicting!


10 thoughts on “Addicting Korean Typing Game

  1. I am using a mac (OS X Mavericks), but I can’t get the word practice section to work. I have set my keyboard to 2-Set Korean, and I can type hangul into the box, and the hangul appears, but the words don’t get destroyed. I tried typing each syllable separately, and also the whole word together, but neither works. Actually, it worked for one word only, and not ever since.

    Can anyone help me?

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been trying to play this game, but it doesn’t seem to be working… it won’t load in Chrome or Firefox. Any suggestions?

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