Awesome updates from Hangukdrama ^^

Our favorite Hangukdrama blog has 2 great events on-going right now. Alright, everyone must’ve known about it already, but just in case you misseed them, here they are:

1.) [GIVEAWAY] Korean Grammar for International Learners / kids storybook!

Yes, Hangukdrama’s very first giveaway! Get a change to win one of the two cool Korean books she’s giving away by sending an entry. Check the link above for details!

Deadline: January 25th 2012

2.) Special Series – Korean learners] Looking for guest bloggers

Hangukdrama is also starting a new series on her blog featuring guest posts from Korean learners. Whether you blog or not, a total beginner or a fluent speaker, you are welcome to join. Check the link above for details.

Deadline: Forever (unless stated otherwise)

Don’t forget to like Hangukdrama on Facebook too!


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