Subbing in Korean

I usually sub Korean dramas or videos in English. I’m attempting to sub some Korean dramas in Korean because I would want to watch them with Korean subtitles. But this is the first time I made Korean subtitles for something not Korean.



Actually these are trailers from a Korean drama, Scent Of A Woman. But these teasers are in Filipino. The teasers are just so cool, I wanted to show it to Korean fans of the drama. Thus I did the subtitles.

I translated it myself, but I did ask for help (a lot of it) from TT4U friends to correct it. I made tons of mistake. And there might still be a few mistakes. As for the dialogues, I simply got the original Korean versions of it from my copy of the drama and the drama script.

It was a bit difficult to sub, because I can’t find a subbing program that can encode Hanguel characters. So I have to do the subs on a movie editing program (Sony Vegas).


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