Seonsaengnim’s classroom

For the past two semesters I’ve enjoyed Korean classes everyday. Those were the best classes that I’ve had. Classes that doesn’t feel like a class at all. Classes where I never felt uneasy… where I never felt pressured… where I feel comfortable. I always look forward to these classes and I always step out of the classroom brimming with newly acquired knowledge about the language. The previous semester was my first semester without a Korean class (since I’ve already taken all the Korean classes offered in our university). It’s already sad as it is, but on top of that my classes were, so far, for me, the most difficult ones. I’ve never enjoyed any of my classes last semester – well, at least not as much as I enjoyed my Korean classes. And oftentimes my classes upsets me – either because of too much pressure, or information overload, or because I didn’t do well, or I can’t understand the lectures, or we were bombarded with tons of requirements to fulfill. And whenever I feel upset, frustrated or depressed, I seek refuge to my seonsaengnim’s Korean class. And somehow I feel better. There’s something about her and her classroom that soothes and calm me and simply makes my heart comfortable. And although I was just sitting-in on a class that I’ve already finished, I still get to learn a few things here and there. Be it some patterns I’ve forgotten (or haven’t used confidently), or a new vocabulary, or a new expression. It’s also fun hearing my seonsaengnim’s lectures once again. Last semester, as far as I can remember, we feel those lessons were complicated. But after hearing it again, everything is clearer and seems simpler now. I also get to teach/coach/guide her students. And somehow it makes me think that maybe… just maybe, I am really still improving despite not doing any self-studying.


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