2012: Time to finally let “Scent Of A Woman” go

Ever since Kim Sun Ah was announced as the lead star of the drama Scent Of A Woman, I have been deeply involved in the drama. Not just in watching it real time and following news about it, but I’ve also been highly engaged on fan activities and discussions on different websites about it – both Korean and English. I’ve participated on live translations of some scenes and subbing the drama with WithS2; did translations from news articles and interviews to me2day posts of the stars (which really ate my time since I’m not good at it); even managed some forums and fan sites; and even hopped on a plane to stalk meet the cast.

I thought it would end after the drama ended in Korea and after we finished subbing it. But no. I kept engaging myself on fan discussions (Not to mention the SOAW fans are all very interesting people and it’s such a delight to talk to them) and fan activities. Especially when it started airing in our country too.

Scent Of A Woman to me is a very special drama. Not only because it’s a Kim Sun Ah drama (but of course, that’s given!) but because I just so love the story so much. I can relate to it and I can see myself in Yeon Jae and see my mom on Yeon Jae’s mom. The drama may not have heart-stopping cliffhangers, but it keeps me engaged. It makes me want to know what’s gonna happen next. It makes me want to cheer for Yeon Jae until the very end. It was a love story well told and the drama’s message was carefully handled and delivered to the viewers in the end. It made me realize a lot of things and I learned a lot of lessons from it. It makes me happy, not just from fangirling over it, but because it has changed some of my perspective in life – just when I needed it the most.

But Scent Of A Woman has taken too much of my time last year. I have spent a good deal of the second half of my 2011 for this drama. Not only fangirling over this drama eats up my precious time, I even felt stressed now. I’m afraid that it’s not healthy anymore and I realized that I have to let go now. I NEED to let go.

The Philippine broadcast of Scent Of A Woman ended last December 30th. Then the 2011 SBS Drama Award was held the day after, December 31st. And I guess those 2 events is a perfect way to end all this craziness.

Today I’ve finished leaving new year and thank you messages to all Scent Of A Woman related websites I manage / I frequent. I’ve updated them with highlights from the 2011 SBS Drama Awards. I can now comfortably sit down and say that from today I will just let those forums and pages flow on their own and just probably check back once in a while. I’ll try my best to refrain from engaging with the fan discussions and activities as much as I can. I have also changed my playlist back to ALL MUSIC. It has been a Scent Of A Woman OST loop for the past 6 months.

To all SOAW fans and supporters, it has been a great ride with you all. Thank you for giving all your love and support to Kim Sun Ah and this drama. Thanks for the friendship too. I sincerely appreciate it. I had so much fun. This is not goodbye, but you’ll probably see less of me from now on.

Scent Of A Woman, this is difficult but I’m letting you go now. I also need to live my life to the fullest, right? Thanks for all the valuable lessons, the fun, the tears, the thrill and all the wonderful memories that you gave me. This is definitely not goodbye (I’m even going to study Korean with you, isn’t it?). I’m just letting you go. You will always be a special part of me. I will forever treasure you in my heart. ♥


2 thoughts on “2012: Time to finally let “Scent Of A Woman” go

  1. This is so sweet…I totally understand though I did not engage in as many activities as you did…hope to see u again in another Kim Sun Ah’s drama…May 2012 I heard. Until then…have a good rest and a great life!!

  2. i felt like crying when im reading your post. Im really amazed of you on how you are dedicated as Fan. Goodluck and wish you all the best. Hope i can participate also someday with your activity with regards in promoting KSA show.

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