Withdrawal Syndrome – A relapse

Usually, around this hour, I would have been watching Helena’s Promise – the local broadcast of Scent Of A Woman. For seven weeks I tried my best not to miss it whenever I’m at home (usually I only get to watch it twice or thrice a week because I have school).

I have seen it live when it was broadcasting in Korea. I’ve seen it numerous time afterwards as we sub it in English. So I thought I wouldn’t be so attached to it anymore.

I was wrong.

It was quite okay towards to beginning of the broadcast. All I’m after is to campaign it well. I didn’t think I would get hooked again.

It was the end of Episode 6 that did the trick. Again!

It was the scene when Kang Ji Wook blurted out that he is going crazy over Yeon Jae that made me fall crazily in love with the drama. And it was also when this scene was shown on television that I, once again, became crazy.

I thought I have moved on from Scent Of A Woman, but the local broadcast made me crazy all over the drama again.

And to my surprise, the final episode made me cry much more than I did before. And I’m thinking that it may be because of the dubbing. I must admit, no matter how I love Korean and Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook‘s real voices, nothing can beat one’s native language. It just goes straight to one’s heart.

Now, if there is a thing such as perfect, then that’s how I’ll describe Scent Of A Woman. PERFECT! Alright, that’s kinda over the top. Let me just say, the ending is the best possible ending for this kind of story. It was able to tell us the story gets it message across. It was not a tragic ending, but I wouldn’t want to call it a happy one either. I would like to shy away from the term “open-ended” (because it gives me the connotation of those horror flicks wherein the ghost resurrects before the credits roll). Let me just say it’s my kind of ending…  The same way I loved how My Name Is Kim Sam Soon gave us a pinch of reality that Sam Soon and Ji Heon may or may not end up together after all (but Sam Soon is no longer afraid of that possibility, and instead she lives loving him while pursuing her dreams), I love how Scent Of A Woman let us keep a blissful and happy memory of Yeon Jae and Ji Wook, yet not giving us a fairytale-like false hope and not depriving us of the possibility that Yeon Jae may leave Ji Wook after all, sooner or later.

Having to say goodbye to Scent Of A Woman for the second time is twice more difficult. I’m missing Helena’s Promise badly and I feel so empty. My weekend afternoons will never be the same again. I found the cure to withdrawal syndrome before (stalking the stars of drama did the trick back then! LOL). But how does one cure a… relapse?


One thought on “Withdrawal Syndrome – A relapse

  1. I know how you feel luckily I have worked so never got to watched its local airing but that was worst because I have to stay up late and surf the internet and download upload scenes… but it was definitely worth it… dubbing and translations may not be perfect at times but having to hear and watch the story unfolds in our own language made it more addicting as if I wasn’t addicted already…. I haven’t withdrawn yet and if i do sometime in the future i’d probably get a relapse too because this series has become on my top list of korean series would never get tired watching!

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