Thank you 2011

Usually years pass by me really fast. I, who always have lots of things to do, always think that time flies so fast that I can’t keep up with it. I still think the same way. But looking back at 2011, I can’t deny the fact that it was a particularly long year for me.

It was a difficult year for me in many aspects of my life. I have made a lot of mistakes. I’ve disappointed a lot of people, myself included. I’ve made a lot of wrong decisions and wrong priorities. I didn’t do a lot of things I need/should/could do. Regretful? Yes. Even if I don’t want to, I can’t help but feel regret.

But 2011 was not only about my difficulties and my stupidity. It was also a year of fun, happiness, second chances, opportunities, accomplishments and tons of wonderful things I am thankful for and probably will be thankful for forever.

Highlights of my 2011:

1. Getting accepted in Linguistics.

2. Passing my subjects (whew!).

3. Improving my Korean

4. Joining a Korean speech contest.

5. Being able to keep up a blog! (yes this is a big accomplishment for me. God know how many times I attempted to blog before!)

6. Enjoying every moment of being a Kim Sun Ah fangirl.

7. Meeting Kim Sun Ah again in person and talking to her in Korean.

8. Meeting new friends.

9. Getting a scholarship.

10. Keeping in touch with old friends.

11. Finding a part-time job.

12. Fulfilling some of my Bucket List entries.

I’m writing these down to remind myself that 2011 is something to be thankful for.


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