Thank you 2011 – From the perspective of a Kim Sun Ah fan

I’ve been a fan of Kim Sun Ah since 2006 and I can say 2011 was her busiest year EVER! It was one of her best years (if not the best – because I think 2005, the year when My Name Is Kim Sam Soon aired and she soared popularity, was her best year, career wise, to date!) and definitely a delight for each and every Kim Sun Ah fan worldwide. Agree?

2011 started with the 10th anniversary of Kim Sun Ah’s official Fancafe, Sunaforever and she celebrated it happily with her fans.

It was soon followed by her yearly support to 납세자의 날 and the filming of her movie, Fighting Spirit.

Then, she moved to King Kong Entertainment. I think it was one of the biggest thing that happened to her this year. It seems it was because of King Kong Entertainment that she was busy this year.

Then of course, the highlight of the year, her wonderful drama Scent Of A Woman.

Then her movie Fighting Spirit was shown and she graced a lot of cinema tours (무대 인사).

She has been highly active online this year. Not just on her fan cafe. But she also opened her Official Facebook, Me2day, and Webio. Plus 2 additional DC Inside Galleries: Scent Of A Woman Gallery and her very own Kim Sun Ah Gallery.

She also received a surprise birthday party from her fans.

And had a lot of endorsements this year paired with autograph signing sessions.

She also attended movie premiere nights here and there. Had lots of interviews, appeared on radio shows and was on the cover of a number of magazines.

She appeared on television a number of times, even on Running Man.

She beautifully graced the Seoul Drama Awards.

And even threw the first ball on this year’s Baseball season.

She participated in a charity bazaar and even attended Lee Dong Wook’s fan meeting.

She visited Philippines (for a vacation), China (to receive an award), Japan (2x – filming and promotion), Singapore (promotion) and Malaysia (promotion).

She even had a concert.

And she ended the year appearing and receiving awards from the 2011 SBS Year End Award.

Did I miss anything?

Looking back, isn’t 2011 a wonderful time for any Kim Sun Ah fan to be in Korea?

How nice it will be to stalk her… I mean 본방사수 her drama and television guestings; wait for her CFs on television; catch her promo photos on shops and buses; visit her while filming her dramas, movies, tv appearances and radio recording session; attend fan gatherings, line up during her autograph signing sessions; attend her concert; personally buy magazines after magazines with her on the cover; and watch her movie on the big screen.

Unfortunately I was not in Korea. And as if fate was playing tricks on me, 2011 was also a year when I know a lot of people in Korea. Either fellow schoolmates on exchange or good Korean friends who went back home. Can’t help but wish I were them.

But on second thought, we wouldn’t have met Kim Sun Ah in Cebu if I were in Korea, right? I also wouldn’t be able to witness her on local television and hear her speak in a  “dubbed-Filipino”.

2011 has been a good year for me as well. Not only was I happy because of the many gifts and surprises Suna Unnie had for us, her fans, this year. I was also very fortunate to have met her again, in our country! We also had a few interactions on her Facebook. And I get to see her again on our local television when her drama was aired here. And I also get to cosplay her famous drama character, Kim Sam Soon, twice. 🙂

2011, thank you for being so good to our Suna Unnie and to us, her fans, as well. I hope Suna Unnie will continue receiving many blessings and love this 2012. May she be as busy, if not busier, as she was in 2011. We are looking forward to her surprises for 2012. And we will definitely support her all the way! 선아언니 홧팅!!!


2 thoughts on “Thank you 2011 – From the perspective of a Kim Sun Ah fan

  1. And a silent prayer that she finds her true love, or they find one another…someone who deserves her and cherishes her as much as she does towards others. I don’t want to see her alone anymore…:-)

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