Thank you Korea Exchange Bank Scholarship Foundation

This post is long overdue.

Last November 2nd 2011, I, along with about 20 other students from different universities in the Philippines, received a scholarship from Korea Exchange Bank.

Our 선생님 encouraged us to apply for the scholarship and fortunately 5 of us from the University of the Philippines got selected.

With 2 of my schoolmates and our lovely 선생님

I was also asked to deliver a short speech during the awarding event. What I prepared was a bit long (I really have problems editing!). And I ended it with 2 or 3 sentences in Korean to the surprise of fellow recipients from other schools (the scholarship is not for Korean language students).

I can't remember which part of my speech is funny to make the bank manager laugh like this.

With my baby (pronounced as 베베) Riel.

God knows how thankful I am to KEB. I probably would not have been able to enroll this semester if it was not for this scholarship. 앞으로도 열심히 공부하겠습니다.

Once again, my sincerest gratitude to Korea Exchange Bank and to my lovely 선생님.

[NOTE: This scholarship is not an exchange program to Korea (how I wish it was), it’s financial support (but definitely very grateful)]

3 thoughts on “Thank you Korea Exchange Bank Scholarship Foundation

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while searching for scholarships to go on exchange. I was wondering whether you knew of a website or something which talks about this scholarship? I can’t seem to find anything on Google. Thanks for any help you can give, 잘 부탁 들입니다!

    • Hi! I’m sorry I don’t much info about the KEB scholarship either. We were just recommended by our Korean professor. She emailed us the application form and we submitted our requirements to her and then she submitted it to KEB. By the way, this KEB scholarship is not to go on exchange. It’s a financial support. Regarding exchange programs… uhm are you from the Philippines too? Well, actually I also don’t know anything outside exchange programs in our university (UP Diliman). If you are from UP Diliman too, I can give you more details regarding some exchange programs open for UP students. 🙂 Sorry I wasn’t of any help. 😦

      • Thanks for your quick reply! Well if there’s no information available, that can’t be helped. Thanks for letting me know what you could! 🙂

        What do you mean by financial assistance though?

        I’m actually from uni in Australia, so thanks for the offer, but I’m sure the scholarships available would be different.

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