Meeting the Producer of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon OST


Last December 9th, Korean Night was held in our university. I love attending Korean Night. It’s an annual event held at the International Center Dormitory. Korean exchange students perform and share the Korean culture with the rest of the dormitory residents and university students. This year is quite special for me since a number of my Korean friends are hands-on with the preparation and performances. I was also involved a little because I translated (Korean to English) the first draft of their skit – Boys Over Flower-Secret Garden parody – which was extremely hilarious.

But I was actually not supposed to be there that day. I was supposed to be on a wonderful vacation. However, due to some unexpected things, I had to cancel my vacation and I ended up documenting for the event instead.

Though I enjoyed the night and loved all the performances by my friends (and was so proud of them), I’d be lying if I won’t say that I’d rather be on the vacation that I’ve been looking forward to for months.

But when my friend informed me that the man manning the sound system is actually the producer of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon OST, I can’t stop giggling, like a proper fangirl.

Here’s our 인증샷.

And oh! I forgot his name. Was it 김상헌 선생님 or 김진석 선생님? O.o

6 thoughts on “Meeting the Producer of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon OST

  1. I really admire your website. I have watched MNIKSS a gazillion times. I am trapped in that blissful feeling of finding true love. You might also love Jolina Magdangal’s, Maybe It’s You music video featuring MNIKSS. I have watched several Korean dramedies, like BOF and have learnt the english translations of some Korean words along the way (sometimes ignoring the subs. :] ). I still love Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin.

    I hope to visit S. Korea and see them both, hopefully. Great job on this blog!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m guilty of not being able to update these days because of my hectic schedule. Haha. I felt the same with MNIKSS. And yes of course I love Maybe It’s You. I guess for one to identify a Filipino MNIKSS fan from the rest is that song. I can confidently say that every mnikss fan knows and loves Maybe It’s You. 🙂
      I hope your dream of visiting Korea and seeing them will come true. 🙂

  2. Hello Dia. MNIKSS via google images brought me here again. 😉 I happen to finish MNIKSS again via mysoju and gooddrama. I was wondering, what was that pig stuffed toy called? I wanna buy one. lol I mean, I am now 33 yrs old, still single, like our heroine Kim Sam Soon. I guess I could relate with her again and again esp about the losing weight part. I researched if Kim Sun Ah is married, but I guess she isn’t. I hope she will soon. Anyways, I really envy you with those pixes with Kim Sun Ah esp in Cebu. Was I sleeping when she came here? lol I hope to really meet her. Congrats, your Korean is also good especially with the ‘S’ sound. You also sound like KSA’s voice when she was reading ‘Momo’ to Mi Joong. I’m still practicing my ‘S’. lol gosh, I sound like a teenager, when I’m way past the days of the calendar. Anyways, aja, aja! Like your most favorite part in MNIKSS, “Fighting!”

    • Hi! Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog. That stuffed toy is called 삼숙 (Samsook). Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find one in Korea these days. I tried looking for one for a friend but was not successful (though I never checked Namdaemun OTL). It may still be available online though.
      Haha. Yeah, where were you when you they were in Cebu???!!!

  3. I was also the one who first posted a comment here. I’m not a blogger anymore. I’m now with wordpress. 😉

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