Do you have a Christmas Message for Kim Sun Ah?

Kim Sun Ah will be visiting Japan soon to promote Scent Of A Woman. And her Japanese fans are generous enough to let us participate in the event. If you have a Christmas message for Kim Sun Ah, write it down as a comment below and I will send it her Japanese fans.


  • Your message (500 words or less; if possible write in English or Korean or Japanese)
  • Your name/nickname
  • Country where you are from

Japanese fans will print (or write) it in beautiful Christmas cards afterwards.

DEADLINE: December 16 – Friday 3:00PM (Seoul Time)


If you are shy to leave a comment here, you can also email me at

Feel free to let your other friends know. Thanks!


**** This has ended. Thank you everyone for your messages! I sent them all to Kim Sun Ah’s Japanese fans ****

21 thoughts on “Do you have a Christmas Message for Kim Sun Ah?

  1. Merry Christmas! Say hello to Lee Dong wook for me 🙂 And, please make a twitter account for all your fans! 🙂 XOXO, Kia from the Philippines 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook!!! as mentioned above by Kia, please make an account on twitter for us to follow you. Wishing you both good health. ℒℴѵℯ ℒℴѵℯ by Maria (R.N) from Philippines.

  3. Hello sun ah unnie.. merry chrismast to you… i hope you will be the best actress in this year for drama scent of a woman and get best couple award 2011.. and i hope that oneday you will meet a person who is love you so much… kim sun ah fighting…!!! im from malaysia~

  4. Merry Christmas Sun Ah.
    I love watching all your movies. You are such a great actress and you are my inspiration.

    Love you so much.

  5. To Kim Sun Ah,
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a happy New year=D
    Thank you,for always wonderfully bringing characters to life, especially your Lee Yeon-jae in Scent of a Woman.
    It must not be easy having to be in public eye all the time, but no matter what people say, I hope you always stay true to yourself because you deserve love and respect just because you’re you=D
    Laugh more and love more!

    Ps: Alodia,thank you for providing us fans the chance to say something to Kim Sun Ah! It means a lot to me =D

  6. Merry Christmas 선아언니! ^^
    is the most influential drama in my life. Thank you for giving your all and showing us your best side! May you and your loved ones have a great Christmas and fulfilling lives ahead.


    From: 리민 (싱가포르)

  7. Dear Ms. Lee (I mean Ms Kim 🙂 ), May all your (Christmas) Dreams come true. Admire your work/talent (many), you did a great job in Scent of a Woman (By the way, your co-star, LDW, did good job too). I think the SOAW story is very deep and meaningful, I’m glad it came to fruition. LYJ’s story does happen to real individuals, except the part about the boyfriend’s willingness to be both the lover and the CARE TAKER (that’s my opinion)… Nevertheless, it’s a very important story to tell and for the world to ponder upon.

    Keep up the good work, TAKE CARE and have a Wonderful Life (In every sense of the phrase)!!

    Yours truly,

  8. Dear Ms. Sun-A,

    I’d like to thank you for inspiring me (and a lot of people) through the characters you play, particularly Yeon Jae, Mirae and Sam-soon. I hope that you’ll continue to make more meaningful, touching, and inspiring projects. I wish you continued strength in overcoming any challenges and adversities life might throw at you. I wish you further success in your future endeavors. I wish you a long good life, good health, and a good guy! (coughDongWookCough j/k!)

    Please have a blessed and joyous holiday season to you and your family!

    Mercy from USA
    (unspoken from me2day)

    Side note: Much thanks Alodia for doing this! Happy Holidays!

  9. Hello Kim sun ah uniiie!! i really2 love u. and i hope that all of your wish for this chrismasts will come true and get the best actress award.. i hope that u will happy with all of your family, friends and lover??? hahahha… always smile… kim sun ah uniie fighting!!!!!!! im from MAlaysia~…

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