Goodbye ET-house

I woke up this morning seeing this notice when I click on my favorite online dictionary ET-house.

I used to use Naver, but after discovering ET-house, I switched to it. First, it loads way faster than Naver (at least on my end then… looks like Naver is loading quite fast for me now) and second, I love their infinite load of sample sentences per query. Actually ET-house is not really a dictionary (though I’m using it as such). I don’t know how to call it, but its function is more of looking how a word / phrase is said in English. Most of the time I’m using it the other way around of course. But I also find the site helpful when I’m translating to English. There are words / phrases that, although I understand, are either too difficult to translate or I’ve been so used to that I can no longer translate it properly. Whenever I encounter such things, I often run to ET-house.

Yesterday, whenever I go to their site, I keep getting redirected to a registration page. I tried registering but I stopped when I was asked for my Alien Registration Number (which is always, most of the time at least, the case for Korean websites). But after a few minutes the site was back. So I thought it was just a glitz or something. But I can sense that something is up. I didn’t expect that they will cut the service – and this soon.

ET-house, I’m gonna miss you. I’m truly grateful for the many years you’ve stayed by my side. I was able to write a lot and understand a lot of things because of you. Thanks!

Now, I’ll be coming back to good ol’ Naver 영어사전. Looks like it’ll take a lot of getting used to since I haven’t used Naver Dictionary for a long time because I’ve been so comfortable with ET-house.

One thing that made me happy though is that the first time I read it, I can understand the notice 97%. I just have to look for 2 words in the dictionary and I was able to understand everything completely. I think it was the first time this has happened. Am I really improving then? Or this notice is just written in the simplest possible way? Both? ^_-

2 thoughts on “Goodbye ET-house

  1. Congratulations on being able to understand everything!

    Have you tried Daum 영어 사전? It loads pretty fast and they also have loads of example sentences.

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