Korean language to me is…

My lovely professor asked us a question: 여러분에게 한국어는 어떤 의미가 있어요? I find the question really interesting and it makes me wonder what Korean language really is to me. Thus I ended up blogging about it instead of just answering her question on our Facebook group.

Korean language to me is like a mountain.

It is something so big and and high that, looking at it from afar, the mere thought of climbing it makes me scared – because it looks so difficult and seems like impossible to do so.

But when I found the courage to set foot on it, I was surprised to find out it was not as difficult to climb as I thought it was going to be. Also being able to enter a brand new world and be surrounded by a brand new environment makes me feel 시원하다.

But as I climb further it gets steeper and climbing became less and less easy. My steps became slower because the trails became more difficult and complicated.

But no matter what, I keep climbing. Because every step I take is like a key that opens yet another door to this brand new world I am in. Something that I definitely wouldn’t be able to see had I stayed at the foot of the mountain. The view changes and gets more and more beautiful on my every step, thus it makes me ‘addicted’ to climbing further, curious and anticipating how much more beautiful this new world can get the higher I climb.

And not only was I able to get a closer glimpse of this brand new world. I also get to interact and develop a relationship both with “fellow hikers” and the people who “live” in the mountains. I was also lucky enough to be able to get a close encounter with the goddess of the mountain (*cough.김선아.cough*).

Of course it doesn’t end in just meeting the mountain goddess (though of course, I wouldn’t mind meeting her again and again and again). If the view from where I am standing at right now is already THIS awesome, then how much more breathtaking it will be when I’ll be finally standing on top of it.

And who knows? Maybe Hyun Bin will be there on top waiting for me too? *^_^*

For me, Korean is a mountain I’ve decided to climb and will continue to climb – wishing that someday I’ll be able to “conquer” (master) it. ^_^

How about you? What is Korean language to you?


6 thoughts on “Korean language to me is…

  1. Korean as a mountain–That’s a cool way to see it, but it’s a bit different for me. I can’t explain how I see it, because I don’t really know. Korean is something that confuses me, but it’s also something without a top and/or end. There’s no summit to reach; there’s no finish line. It just keeps going.

    • Actually I also don’t see it as something that has an “ending”. But I can’t think of a better analogy. LOL. It’s difficult. I have so many things I can compare Korean with… aside from what I posted, Korean also calms me down… whenever I feel stressed out or at a lost, I just do something related to Korean… and strangely it calms me… by the way, I adore your discipline in studying… something that I just don’t have! ㅠㅠ

  2. Korean Language for me is a faithful friend.I have been interested in Korean Language when I was 5 years old.I studied in a school and attended a church administrated by a Korean pastor.That’s when I fell in love with Korean.I thought it was beautiful and still beautiful to my ears.2 years ago I started to learn Korean.I befriended Korean Language by buying my first Korean language book from National Bookstore.Just like meeting a friend for the first time,I thought we’ll go along well because learning 한글 is quite easy.But just like in every friendship there are misunderstanding that leads to fight.I sometimes loathed learning the grammar,composing a sentence because it struck me how different it is from English.Just like a friend it has been pushing me to my limits,testing how faithful I am to this friendship,gives me comfort and makes me commit more and grow more.(ㅋㅋㅋ미안 it’s like a blog entry)

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