Talking to Kim Sun Ah – in Korean!

In correct Korean! (Yey!)… Well, at least most of the time. O.o

It was Kim Sun Ah who sparked my interest in anything Korean. It was my wish to join her fan cafe that prompted me to pick up a pencil and start learning Hanguel. And it was my desperate desire to understand her messages, interviews and dramas that made me continue learning Korean. But never, not even in my wildest dreams, had I imagined talking to her in Korean (because I have never even thought that I’d get to meet her in person in the first place).

When I get to meet her (for the first time) in Taiwan last year, I haven’t had any formal Korean classes yet. But my level of comprehension then could most probably make me get a grade 1 score in TOPIK. I can give a summary and short translations of her interviews for her non-Korean speaking fans and I could leave short and somehow decent Korean posts and comments in her fan cafe. But, just like most self-learners, my speaking skills were way below my comprehension skills. When I recall how I constructed (misconstructed could be a better term) my sentences then, I can only facepalm in embarrassment. I only said a total of 5 sentences (on 4 different instances). I introduced myself. I thanked her. I told her I love her. I asked for a photo. And I thanked her again. With the exceptions of 고마워요 and 사랑해요 it were all but epic failure!

It was probably my broken Korean that made me stand out from the flood of Chinese surrounding us, thus she gets to notice me. But that was probably what also stopped her from talking back to me in Korean. She talked to me in English which, by all means, is fine by me. But worse, she talked to me in Chinese-Korean (in a talking-to-a-foreigner-who-doesn’t-understand-your-language kind of way – if you get what I mean) – that I definitely did not understand – and could’ve understood if she just said it in Korean. 🙂

Meeting her again last month, much to my surprise, I get to talk to her in simple, yet complete and, I would live to believe, correct sentences (most of the time, at least). And the best part, this time Kim Sun Ah talks back to me – in Korean!




I still didn’t do well. My speaking skills are still way below my comprehension level. I still wasn’t able to express my thoughts and feelings exactly how I really wished to express it. I still didn’t get to say all the things I wanted to say. And I made terrible beginner mistakes *facepalm*.

Talking in Korean is already difficult as it is, yet it also doesn’t help that being by Suna Unnie’s side makes my head swirl, thus I can’t think straight.

We didn’t talk in Korean the entire time. Thanks to my conjugation mistake, she wasn’t able to understand me thus we ended up talking in English. Then she tried her Filipino. Then we went back to Korean.



And somehow I’m quite glad that I didn’t do well. At least it gave me a stronger motivation to work harder on my speaking skills… hoping that one day, when I get to meet her again, I would be able to do better.

6 thoughts on “Talking to Kim Sun Ah – in Korean!

  1. oh my. i am so in love with kim sun ah. she’s my favorite actress. i am so glad, i came across your blog. please continue stalking sun ah unnie. hehehehe. i hope she and wookie are really dating for realsies. omo. omo….. i love them both. hope, they will end up together. i have been scouting some blogs and videos, and i actually noticed and affirm that they are by far the closest on screen couple i have watched. some actors just go on their way after their dramas. they probably will watch a show or two but never take a vacation together like the 2 couples just did in cebu. omo omo. god bless. hope to read more blogs about suna unnie.

    • Hi! Nice to meet you and thank you for reading my blog. Wahaha! Who’s stalking? Me? Me? 🙂
      Well, it’s not just the two of them in Cebu. All 4 of them plus the entire cast. But I agree that they, not just LDW and KSA but the 4 of them are really close. Today is Lee Dong Wook’s birthday and he had a fan meeting. On the fan meeting KSA, SHR and EKJ appeared. KSA even made a music video for LDW as her gift. I admire their friendship.
      Seems like you like them to be together so much. 🙂 Me, as long as KSA is happy I’ll be happy. But I admit I’m spazzing over the 2 of them. I suggest you visit this tumblr regularly (that is if you still haven’t). she’s the ambassador of Sun-Wook shippers. 🙂

  2. but i really am just curious, is sun ah dating anyone now? I just want her to be happy and in love. i kind of noticed that most korean stars are really secretive of their love lives. Some of hallyu stars have successfully hid their relations for years only to confirm after the relationship has ended. but anyways, i just want them together really. i just saw the blog you recommended. i am spazzing now…. so hard…. hehehehehe. they’re the cutest. and he celebrated his birthday with scent of woman co-stars not other celebrity friends. i’m gonna faint… wahahaha. omo. omo.
    and the video? the hug? omo… omo….
    i am enjoying your blog so much. of course, i am just selectively reading and re-reading your sun ah posts. hehehe. GOOD JOB.. please continue and never get tired of bringing us more sun ah updates. thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. hello..i am.desperate of learning korean too on my own haha..i just can understand those small words and phrase haha..btw..what is the fan cafe or fan site of kim sun ah?thanks..

      • yes but ung mga simple words lang and i can’t even read hanguel looking for a fan base group where i can participate and can understand sana if meron….i just search and read na ur one of those big fans na kilala ng iba niang fans..hehe..thanks for the reply again..:)

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