Missing TOPIK. Finding Kim Sun Ah.

I said I’m going to take the 24th TOPIK last September – the intermediate one. I already skipped the last one because the time is just too short to prepare for it. But due to my heavy class load this semester, I ended up not preparing for it anyway. I did print out a previous exam but I never get past page 2. Nonetheless I still have decided to take it. Just for fun. Just for the experience. Just to check how much I have progressed in Korean (better yet, to check if I had any progress at all). And throwing away my dream of getting a grade 4.

Our lovely seonsaengnim conducted review classes for students that are going to take TOPIK. But those review classes were for the Beginner TOPIK takers. She conducted a special review class though for two other Filipino professors (who teach Korean) in our university. Since both of them have already gotten a grade 3 last time they took it, their review classes were more intense.

I get to attend one of the review classes. We took a mock listening exam (previous TOPIK paper) and surprisingly I get a passing score (grade 3). Although it’s not really something to be proud of since I simply made wild guesses most of the time, it still feels great knowing I can pass a grade 3 level (with luck!) and that I did understand some of the questions well.

Afterwards we browsed through the grammar part. We discussed items that are difficult. It felt great. I then realized how I missed our seonsaengnim. I missed her class. I missed the way she explains things. I missed studying Korean. It would have been awesome if I get to attend it more of those review classes. It would have been awesome if I had time to prepare for the exam and would definitely been more awesome if I can get, if not my dream grade 4 score, at least a decent grade 3.

But I ended up not taking the exam. O.o

Because my dear Suna Unnie suddenly decided to take a vacation in our country. And I suddenly decided to meet find stalk her. And among the 365 days in a year, it has to be the date of the exam.
Maybe that’s why I didn’t prepare well for it? Because I’d end up not taking the exam anyway?

I felt bad skipping the exam. But I didn’t regret it. Not one bit! Of course I was successful in meeting finding stalking Kim Sun Ah (and Lee Dong Wook… and Eom Ki Joon and Seo Hyo Rim). And I also heard from those who took the exam that it was extremely difficult it gave them headaches.
I’ll take the next one. I swear. Oh well… as long as Kim Sun Ah won’t go vacationing in the Philippines again by then.

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