Updates: The sem that was

Gosh I missed blogging so much! Not only writing, but also reading other blogs that I follow. I currently have 256 unread blog updates subscription on my inbox!

For the past months my blog has turned into a Kim Sun Ah blog! It was all because I really have nothing much to share regarding my Korean learning – or lack thereof.

Yes, I haven’t been studying Korean lately! And I hate it so much!

But I have no choice. I can’t even keep up with my classes last semester. So far, it was my worst semester (and I hope it was really the worst already)! With the most number of units with the most difficult classes.

I’m just so happy the semester is now over! (Huh? I still have one more paper to write? 싫어요!)

My sembreak plans? I want to do LOTS of things! But I know I only have a few days (noes!) and I definitely have to do part time jobs too (another no!).

Nonetheless, here are my sembreak plans:

– Resume Korean studying (a must!)

– Finish my ‘unfinished’ dramas!

– Catch up on Kim Sun Ah (believe it or not, I’m so behind!)

– Advanced reading (really?)

– Re-watch Kim Sun Ah dramas (especially Scent Of A Woman)

– subbing tasks (!!!)

– Korean posts (휴기 쓰기) in Sunaforever!

– blog!

– clean up hard drives!

– soompi threads!!!

Let’s see what I can finish before the next semester begins…

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