Kim Sun Ah bowed to her fans

Last October 1st, 2011, on her birthday, Kim Sun Ah was given a surprise birthday party by her fans at Lotte Cinema.

Yearly, Kim Sun Ah’s official fan café, Sunaforever, prepares birthday parties for Kim Sun Ah. But this year, they made an announcement that they will let Kim Sun Ah rest instead because she was very tired from filming her latest drama “Scent Of A Woman” and promoting her movie “Fighting Spirit”. But unknown to Kim Sun Ah, her fans secretly prepared a surprise birthday party for her through email and private messaging.

On the morning of her birthday, Kim Sun Ah even said on her me2day post that even though it’s her birthday, she has to work. Apparently, her management team is also part of the plan. Kim Sun Ah was told that she has to attend an event of one of her endorsements on that day.

She arrived on a dark theatre and when the lights came out her numerous fans carrying light sticks, banners and placards were revealed. Her Korean fans along with her fans from overseas, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines, graced the surprise birthday party.

Kim Sun Ah was very surprised as her birthday cake came out and her fans started singing a birthday song for her. She kept saying how she was tricked and she wasn’t able to stop her tears from flowing.

Photo from Newsen

But it seems like it was not only Kim Sun Ah who was surprised that day.

In the middle of the photo session, Kim Sun Ah suddenly went down on her knees and made a bow that surprised everyone. It was the fans turn to be touched and to be teary eyed. For how many actresses will do such a humble gesture?

Photo courtesy of Guyeon of Sunaforever

Photo courtesy of Guyeon of Sunaforever

Kim Sun Ah said, in between tears, that she was the happiest actress in the world.


3 thoughts on “Kim Sun Ah bowed to her fans

  1. kim sun ah is an amazing actress & person. would luv to know when she comes to the usa. i would definitely luv to see her if she came this way.

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