Why is everyone in Korea now? Of all days…

I’ve always wanted to go to Korea. But among the 52 weekends in a year, there’s one special weekend that I want to be Korea. THIS weekend. The closest weekend to October 1st. And this year is somehow extra special since October 1st falls on a weekend.

October 1st is Kim Sun Ah’s birthday (yeah! I’m fangirling again!). And every year, on the weekend closest to her birthday, we (we?) at Sunaforever prepares something and meet-up for her birthday. It can be a big celebration, an intimate dinner, or if our Unnie is filming – a visit to her filming set and we unload gifts for her. This year, today, they are going to watch her movie Fighting Spirit together.

부럽다! I can’t help but be envious.

Why on earth is everyone in Korea now? Of all days?

For some apparent reason, suddenly, a great number of friends are in Korea this time of the year. 2 of my best buddies are there… some of my classmates last semester are there… some university schoolmates are also there… Shanna is there (ㅋㅋㅋ)… my good friend from Hong Kong is there… my Taiwanese friends are there… my friends from Japan are also there… and, to my surprise, a high school schoolmate/colleague is there too! While I’m drowning with school papers that must all be done in a week’s time. And worried sick about the flood in our hometown.

Oh well, at least the flood makes me feel better. I would be nuts if I’m in Korea right now while our home is flooded.

And I’m grateful for our Cebu adventure 2 weekends ago. At least I get to meet her, talk to her and wished her an advanced Happy Birthday in person.

Anyway, someday… on the weekend closest to October 1st… I’ll also be in Korea.

선아언니 생일 축하드립니다~!!!


I just heard it’s freezing cold in Seoul right now… somehow happy I’m comfortable with my tank top and shorts right now. XD


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