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A Perfect Ending


by twelvejan


“If you weren’t sick would we be more happy than this?”
“If I had lived like the old Yeon-jae who couldn’t talk to people, I wouldn’t have approached you – I wouldn’t have been able to get mom remarried or go on trips. And I would have just dreamed about happiness every day. But right now I am happy.”

This. This is what you call the perfect ending. It tied up all the loose ends, without leaving us feeling disappointed or dissatisfied. It gave us closure. It didn’t leave us with a miraculously cured Yeon-jae. It didn’t leave us with utter sadness with her departure. Instead, it left us hanging, wondering when she will die. But this little cliff hanger still gave us closure. Because Scent of a Woman has embedded this little message in our brain cells. That even if Yeon-jae eventually dies, it will be alright. Because she has lived her life to the fullest, with each day being a brand new day. And she taught that, to everyone around her. To embrace each day as if it’s the last.
Acceptance, and living life to the fullest. The two messages SOAW were driving at. Yes, we know this by heart, but yet we still take life for granted. Thinking there’s always tomorrow. Maybe it’s time for us to take a step back and realize this.


My Ode to Scent Of A Woman

by donnapie

So, this is really it.

We’re really down to the final  homestretch and just like Yeonjae who has a heavy feeling in her heart  while watching the days of her life tick away, I too have the same  feeling of burden weighing deep in my chest over the fact that a few  days from now i would have to say goodbye to this drama that has meant a  lot to me.

Perhaps, it is the underlying story in this show that had ingrained it into my consciousness more than that of others.

It  might be due to the fact that it deals with things that are all  familiar and dear to all of us like life, death and love that makes it  harder  to say goodbye and which makes it difficult to let it go.

But  more than that, i think it is the way in how the scriptwriters wrote  this show and how the actors portrayed their roles that brought a sense  of realness to these characters as if they really exist in real life and  that makes us feel like we we really know them and that they are people  who are really close to us.

I cried when Hee Joo died because i felt as if i also lost a little sister.

I  smiled at Eun Seok’s rediscovery of his sense of compassion because he  is a great doctor and i know that with it, he can become even greater.

I hate Saekyung with a vengeance with no need for explanations and I  think Sookyung is a mother with faults but one who shows her love for  her daughter in such a unique and heartfelt way that i can’t help but  worry for her now that she knows of Yeonjae’s illness.

I cheer for Yeonjae to beat cancer because she has so much left to live for.

My  heart skips a beat whenever i see JiWook show his love for Yeonjae  because he does it without boundaries and without limits that i wish  everybody could find a love like that at least even once in their entire  lifetime.

I can’t help but feel overwhelming emotions of tenderness whenever i  see Yeonjae and Jiwook together because their love is the kind that is  supposed to last a lifetime but couldn’t.

To say that i’d miss this drama is an understatement.

I  will be pining for it, longing for it, remembering it for a long time  and i have a strong feeling that it will make other dramas that i’d  watch after this pale in comparison because of the high standards that  it has set in terms of how  it has stirred my emotions.

I will truly miss a lot of things from Scent of a Woman.

I’d  miss the spazzing that goes on in the soompi forums and on  tumblr  where i found a sense of belonging and camaraderie from everyone that  share the same passion for this drama that i have.

I’d miss  reading the recaps from dramabeans website the day after the drama airs  and scouring each and every one of the comments to laugh at some, shake  my head violently in disagreement at others and nod my head in  understanding at most.

I’d miss watching the show live through  livestream and reading through live comments and recaps as they come  violently and furiously from one to the next that my head is almost  spinning because i can’t keep up.

I’d miss Hye Won and how good  of a friend she is to Yeonjae that even if she was quick to judge her at  first, she’s made up for that mistake by more than a thousandfold by  being so supportive to her and to Ji Wook as well afterwards.

I’d  miss Ramses and Veronica and the tango studio and how just seeing  Jiwook and Yeonjae together there already brings butterflies to my  stomach because i know what’s next to come.

I’d miss Kang Ji Wook.   A guy who can show his real feelings without  fear and who is not afraid to cry in front of the woman he loves  because he is man enough to admit that his tears are not a sign of  weakness but rather an evidence of how much love he feels for her.

I’d  miss his one thousand and one facial expressions, the look of sheer  happiness on his face when Yeonjae calls him or meets him, the  dumbfounded expression on his face when she does something that  surprises him,  the look of desire that passes over his eyes when they  dance the tango or when he goes in for a kiss, the blissful smile he has  on when Yeonjae is in his arms and how peaceful he looks just being  with her  that somehow it’s as if you can tell that he’s found his  heaven just by having her in his embrace.

I’d miss Yeonjae and her courageous battle for her life and for the person she loves.

She  has truly inspired me in a lot of ways and even if she’s had moments  when she had shown her vulnerability and her humanity, there are more  times when she made her life count in ways that are beyond imaginable.

I  applaud her selflessness in  making sure that in her last few remaining  days on earth she had tried to make sure that that life not just remain  valuable to her but that it would also leave a lasting impression and a  positive change to all of the people that she will be leaving behind.

I’d miss Kang Ji Wook and Yeon Jae together.

With  their love that’s formidable and so strong and that chemistry so  combustible that no one can contest that no other two people belong more  together and is more deserving of a life lived that ends in happily  ever after.

But most of all, I will be missing seeing my OTP Kim Sun ah and Lee Dong Wook,  together.

The  fact that i long for them week after week after week and the fact that  even just a simple gesture from them can make me smile definitely makes  the waiting worth it. They have as much chemistry as their onscreen  characters and it amazes me to see how they can work with such a heavy  storyline and yet the moment the cameras are off, they are always shown  to be having fun together and just basically caring for each other.

Yes,  there were moments when this show had hurt me.  In more ways than one  by the amount of heartbreak and angst and sometimes disappointment that  it has brought me.  And yet like a lover who makes amends, along with  the bitter comes the sweet and when it makes up to me, it makes it up to  me in more ways than one.

Saying goodbye had never really been my strongest suit.

I’ve  known since the beginning that there will come a time that all this has  to end but now goodbye seems more imminent than ever.

I can’t  help but feel sad about the things i’ve mentioned above which i will  also be leaving behind as this show comes to a close.

But in my heart i know that like Yeon Jae’s illness,  sometimes, goodbyes are also necessary in order for us to grow.

Though  others might laugh at how i am so affected since Scent of A woman is  just a drama anyway, it has truly changed me and it has left me with a  valuable gift that i would treasure forever…

The realization  that we should live life without regrets and that we should live  everyday with the intention of becoming great people not just for our  sake but for the sake of others whose lives we’d also touch as well…

So Thank you Scent of a Woman, Thank You Kang Ji Wook.  Thank You Lee Yeonjae.

For  the lessons that you’ve imparted and for making me want to make the  most out of my life and for reminding me that everyday is a day that  should be lived to the fullest.

Now, if you guys can just hold me while i cry and sob and undergo therapy once this show is over?

Group Hug?





On my newfound respect for Jiwook

I am beginning to gain an even greater  appreciation for Jiwook lately because of how he treats Yeon Jae like  she’s just any other normal girlfriend  rather than a girlfriend who is  dying and who has only got a couple of months to live.

I know that it takes a lot of strength and willpower for him to not  coddle her and to shelter her to make sure that nothing happens to her  seeing how much he loves her but i really, really respect how he lets  her become her own person and how he understands that there are just  some things in her life that she has to do by herself.

He knows when to let go and when to push back and he understands when he has to be there for her or when he needs to stay away.

He can sense when to keep quiet or when she just needs a hug and he  gave me an all new perspective in terms of how love sometimes really  need not be said because even if he doesn’t put it to words, you can see  how he feels about her just by looking at his face.

You can sense his hesitation and sadness in letting her go by herself  to her treatments but he puts her wishes first above his and he lets  her go even if you can tell that his heart is telling him to insist that  he be there beside her.

He doesn’t badger her with medical questions of how treatments went or  what the doctors said once she gets out of the hospital but rather he  shows her a wide, excited smile to let her know how much he misses her  and just a hug from her is enough to make his worries and fears subside  although i know he’s probably dying to know if she’s better or if she’s  getting healthier.


He doesn’t give her his opinions about not telling her mom about her  illness but rather he just asks her what she plans to do and understands  her decisions and when she asks for encouragement and support, he just  squeezes her hand tightly to let her know that no matter what happens,  he will just always be there.

Jiwook has proven to be such a pillar of strength to Yeonjae at this point. 

Always selfless, always giving, loving her unconditionally and without boundaries to the best that he can.

Even if she’s dying, i guess Yeonjae is still considered to be one of the lucky few.

How many of us will ever have the opportunity to love and be loved like that?

Not all are as lucky. 

And i guess even if there are a lot of things that life has treated  Yeonjae with unfairly, at least this is one lucky break that the heavens  have sent her and it is worth more than it’s weight in gold than of any  illness or sickness that she now has and that which is threatening to kill  her.

by: donnapie

There are times when it’s just so hard to act like she’s alright around him.

There are times when it’s just so hard to act like she’s alright around him. Times like today when she’s filled with fear and sadness and longing over things that she might never have and places that they could never get to see.
She wants to get married and have children and travel to all sort of exotic places and grow old and have him call her wife.

She wants all that.

She wants all that with him.

But the decision is not really up to her.

It’s God’s or fate’s or luck that dealt her with a really, really bad hand, but she knows it is definitely not hers. 

She has to understand that.

To accept the fact that they only have here and now and this moment where they have each other even if it is only for a day.

She ran up to him to hug him tight and weirdly enough, she felt her fears come to rest.

Yes, she’ll take what she can have. 

Because she loves him.

And he loves her.

And she knows that because of that they won’t ever lose each other even if she dies.

He’ll always have her to remember and to love and to think of when she’s gone and she’d always have him to remind her of everything that love is supposed to make her feel when she was alive.

And somehow that is enough.

There could never be anything else that she could ask for in the last days of her life more than that.


– by donnapie

How Scent Of A Woman made me nuts

ME 1: Good morning!

ME 2: What’s so good about the morning. Did you forget what day it is today?

ME 1: Don’t start! Did you know how depressed I was last night? I’m glad I was able to get over my depression after a good night sleep, and now you’re ruining my mood again!

ME 2: Sorry, but I’m still not over last night’s episode. And I’m so scared about tonight’s episode.

ME 1: Alright, that’s it! My mood’s ruin! Happy now?

ME 2: Are we… really gonna watch it tonight?

ME 1: We’ve seen it from episode 1 – no fail! And you’re telling me to skip the final episode? The FINAL episode! Of all episodes!

ME 2: You don’t have to point out that it’s the FINAL episode! Besides we missed Episode 3, right?

ME 1: Well, that one’s forgiveable, given the circumstances. Besides, we were still able to 본방사수 the first few minutes, right? So it’s still counted.

ME 2: Still, can we just not watch it?

ME 1: And what? Pretend that the drama didn’t finish and wait for it next weekend? Are you joking?

ME 2: Among all of Suna Unnie’s dramas… Why is this drama too difficult to watch?

ME 1: I’d say, among all Kdramas!

ME 2: Well, I don’t watch other Kdramas – unless Suna Unnie’s on it.

ME 1: Well, me neither…

ME 2: Ey…

ME 1: Alright, I watch other Kdramas too… but I don’t 본방사수 them.

ME 2: Would Yeon Jae die?

ME 1: I guess that’s what making this drama the most difficult drama to watch. As if bidding the drama goodbye is not sad enough, we also have to deal of what would happen with the character that we learned to love so much.

ME 2: You didn’t answer my question.

ME 1: Because I don’t know! Ask writer Noh!

ME 2: Alright, let me rephrase. Would you like Yeon Jae to die?

ME 1: YES.

ME 2: Ey….! I knew it, you have a stone for your heart!

ME 1: Well, I’ve been very vocal right from the start that I want her to die. End of story.

ME 2: You are sooo mean! A mean masocist!

ME 1: I guess I am then.

ME 2: I don’t want her to die. Why did they make her character so loveable and why did they make YJ and JW so happy, then kill YJ at the end? That is just plain torture and cruelty.

ME 1: Life is cruel!

ME 2: I’m watching a drama, not life!

ME 1: Let me remind you that the reason why you are this addicted to Korean dramas is because you find it so different from the dramas produced in your own country. And for the first time you get to see the point of your professors in the Film Institute in your university through Korean dramas.

ME 2: Oh, that was a loong time ago! I can’t remember it anymore! I want a happy ending.

ME 1: Escapist!

ME 2: So what? Besides, even if they give us a happy ending, I still won’t be completely happy. The fact that the drama is ending is already making me so sad.

ME 1: So, just because you don’t want to be sad, you want a fairytale-like ending to ruin this drama that has been so awesome right from the start? That is selfish! So very selfish!

ME 2: Don’t you know that a lot of viewers wishes for the same thing?

ME 1: Then all of you are selfish!

ME 2: Stone-hearted!

ME 1: No, I’m not! I’m as sad and scared as you are! I crie with you last night, don’t you remember?

ME 2: So why not join us in prayers so that YJ will live.

ME 1: I don’t want a fairytale! Walt Disney has produced a lot of it. I could easily chose from one of them if I want to. Oh, why would I have to bother with Walt Disney? I have City Hall here.

ME 2: Why can’t it be just like City Hall?

ME 1: o.o

ME 2: City Hall is awesome! I bet you’ll agree!

ME 1: Yes it is awesome!

ME 2: And you love it to death!

ME 1: Yes, I love it to death!

ME 2: So, what’s your problem? If you love City Hall to death – with it’s “fairytale ending”, then why don’t you want a similar one in SOAW?

ME 1: City Hall and SOAW are different! They have a different premise. City Hall’s message is way different from SOAW’s point.

ME 2: They are all Korean dramas for me.

ME 1: I just want a meaningful ending, that’s all. The drama has instilled a lot of life’s lesson over the course of 15 episodes. I won’t forgive the writer if everything that they are trying to point out would all go down the drain simply because viewers wanted a happy ending. If I were to make a wish though, I just wish that SOAW will not end tonight.

ME 2: How dare you call me selfish earlier? That’s a very selfish wish! Don’t you know how difficult it was for Suna Unnie. She deserves a good rest.

ME 1: I know, but I am just so in love with this drama. I still can’t believe it’s ending tonight.

ME 2: Well, me neither. Sigh… I really just want YJ and JW to be happy!

ME 1: YOU want to be happy!

ME 2: Yes, I want to be happy. So what?

ME 1: Sigh… It’s useless talking to you!

ME 2: I can dream, can’t I?

ME 1: You can dream that Suna Unnie and Dong Wook would date in real life. And with that, I’m with you!

ME 2: That made me feell better, thank you!

ME 1: So does that mean we are gonna watch it tonight?

ME 2: I guess so…

ME 3: Both of you are making me crazy! Why don’t you just shut up, eat breakfast and do the things you need to do today, so that you’ll be comfortable watching it tonight. Get your tissues ready and prepare your hearts to say goodbye to the drama. Whether YJ will live or not, all I’m after is a good execution. If YJ will live, a lot of people would be happy, and I guess I’m pretty with that as long as they still get to clearly point out their message about life and death. If YJ would die, a lot of people may be sad, but again, as long as they get their message across, then that wouldn’t be so bad.

ME 4: I can’t understand the three of you… I’m just gonna watch WALL-E today. Less complicated!

It’s official! This drama made me nuts! Would anyone be kind enough to bring me to the psychiatric ward after tonight’s episode?

Cramming for TOPIK

Due to unexpected HEAVY load this semester, I didn’t get to prepare for the upcoming TOPIK. Nonetheless, as advised by my dear 선생님 I’m still gonna take it – for the sake of taking it. LOL

I’m not expecting – and not even wishing to pass the 조급 level 3.

So far I’ve only reviewed 2 pages of the grammar part of a previous exam. And has joined one review session completing one listening and listening to explanation on chosen numbers of the grammar part.

I feel bad because I realized that I really really wanted to prepare for it. But I really don’t have time either…

But during the one and only review session that I attended, I was so happy. There were items that I get to answer correctly because of words, expressions and grammar I learned while watching my current drama addiction, Scent Of A Woman. There were also new words that I learned during the review that I have encountered on the drama as well. And it does makes me feel so excited!

I know one week wouldn’t make much of a difference. I’m sure I won’t pass (though I passed the listening part during our review class – but I swear I just guessed most of it). But I’ll try to learn as many as I can this week. I borrowed a book (KLPT Topik 대비서 – 중급) that I’ll be “browsing”. But I’ll be taking a copy of it because I find it a really fun book to read and study. It’s my first time to study a Korean book without any English (apart from the few grammar explanations).

I’m so excited and so happy. I don’t know why Korean makes me feel this way.