Korean Movie Night

Yesterday was a really nice day. Since I stayed in a boarding house, I rarely have a chance to go out of our campus (unless I go to our hometown… or there is a sudden trip to erhm… Cebu! XD).

Yesterday me and my language partner cum best friend meet up for our English language exchange on her dormitory. As always, I enjoy every minute with her. We talked a lot about lots of stuff. Her English is getting better and better and she asks really good questions. I wonder when will my Korean be at par with her English? ㅠㅠ

After our lesson, we wen’t straight to the movie house to catch a Korean movie. There’s an on-going Korean Film Festival in the metro and we got tickets! I was supposed to watch My Dear Enemy (멋진 하루) last Thursday night, but was too busy to go out on a weekday. Me and Yoo Rin ended up watching last Happy Life (즐거운 인생).

I remember a few years back, we can’t easily watch a Korean movie in our country. But recently there are Film Festivals and they are getting more and more popular each year.

It was actually very easy to download these movies over the internet, but still, being able to watch it on the big screen, in comfy cinema seats, together with a friend, is definitely more fun than staying in your room and staring your laptop screen.

The movie was fun. Nothing special. But it was like watching a movie and a concert at the same time. I’m glad I liked it. I was actually trying to stay away from that particular film because I don’t like one actor (hey, what the…? I didn’t mention his name! Why are you still throwing tomatoes at me?). But he was not bad at all in the movie. And his fans were really funny! Whenever he appears on screen, they either scream, clap their hands or simply giggle on their seats. It WAS really funny! And I must say he has a big fanbase in the Philippines, and I was quite surprised about that.

After the movie, we had a nice dinner, then we head back to our university.

I wish we can do things like this more often… 🙂

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