My Suna Unnie is here – IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!

Oh my friggin’ god!!!! OH MYYYYYYY GOOOOODDDDD!!!!

The “love of my life” is here in the Philippines!

It was reported today that Suna Unnie and the Scent Of A Woman team (including actors Lee Dong Wook, Eom Ki Joon, Seo Hyo Rim + Writer and PD) are going to Cebu for a vacation after the filming of Scent Of A Woman ended.

It’s been my/our lifelong wish for Suna Unnie to visit the Philippines. And now it came true!

I would really want to meet her again…

But Cebu is really far from where I am… I have to take an airplane to go there. And I also have no idea yet where to find them…

Lee Dong Wook: 세부 출발!! (

To go or not to go to Cebu? – that is the question!

6 thoughts on “My Suna Unnie is here – IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!

    • Yes it’s true. What do you mean when you asked if it is broadcast on national tv? their visit here? no, it’s not really an event. it’s a vacation of the team after filming. but it was reported in Korean news. there are photos of them in the airport. and Lee Dong Wook posted on his me2day earlier saying “on the way to Cebu”

      I’m dying of excitement here!

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