Withdrawal syndrome at its best!

Scent Of A Woman just ended a few days ago (ME 1: Was that just a few days ago? ME 2: Yes, it hasn’t been a week yet! ME 1: I feels like years already… ㅠㅠ)… and my withdrawal syndrome is just starting to get worse and worse each day. ㅠㅠ

I usually have just a day of withdrawal syndrome for a typical drama… maybe just a few hours for a so-so drama… and just 10 minutes for a really bad one. For dramas that are good (most of the ones listed on my Top10), my withdrawal syndrome could last for a week… sometimes 2 weeks… 3 weeks max!

But for a Kim Sun Ah drama, it will last for months… sometimes even years (honestly!).

Now, Scent Of A Woman has become my number one drama, toppling my 5-year-long number one drama, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. For 2 months I’ve engaged myself with fan activities – 본방사수, soompi, subbing, etc etc etc… I’ve sacrificed precious study hours and sleeping hours for this drama. And because I know that I have spoiled myself so much while this drama was airing, I decided to cut things out. I even blocked soompi so as not to distract myself further. But it’s just making me feel emptier.

I think I really need help! ㅠㅠ What shall I do? 살려주세요!!!

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