There are times when it’s just so hard to act like she’s alright around him.

There are times when it’s just so hard to act like she’s alright around him. Times like today when she’s filled with fear and sadness and longing over things that she might never have and places that they could never get to see.
She wants to get married and have children and travel to all sort of exotic places and grow old and have him call her wife.

She wants all that.

She wants all that with him.

But the decision is not really up to her.

It’s God’s or fate’s or luck that dealt her with a really, really bad hand, but she knows it is definitely not hers. 

She has to understand that.

To accept the fact that they only have here and now and this moment where they have each other even if it is only for a day.

She ran up to him to hug him tight and weirdly enough, she felt her fears come to rest.

Yes, she’ll take what she can have. 

Because she loves him.

And he loves her.

And she knows that because of that they won’t ever lose each other even if she dies.

He’ll always have her to remember and to love and to think of when she’s gone and she’d always have him to remind her of everything that love is supposed to make her feel when she was alive.

And somehow that is enough.

There could never be anything else that she could ask for in the last days of her life more than that.


– by donnapie

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