On my newfound respect for Jiwook

I am beginning to gain an even greater  appreciation for Jiwook lately because of how he treats Yeon Jae like  she’s just any other normal girlfriend  rather than a girlfriend who is  dying and who has only got a couple of months to live.

I know that it takes a lot of strength and willpower for him to not  coddle her and to shelter her to make sure that nothing happens to her  seeing how much he loves her but i really, really respect how he lets  her become her own person and how he understands that there are just  some things in her life that she has to do by herself.

He knows when to let go and when to push back and he understands when he has to be there for her or when he needs to stay away.

He can sense when to keep quiet or when she just needs a hug and he  gave me an all new perspective in terms of how love sometimes really  need not be said because even if he doesn’t put it to words, you can see  how he feels about her just by looking at his face.

You can sense his hesitation and sadness in letting her go by herself  to her treatments but he puts her wishes first above his and he lets  her go even if you can tell that his heart is telling him to insist that  he be there beside her.

He doesn’t badger her with medical questions of how treatments went or  what the doctors said once she gets out of the hospital but rather he  shows her a wide, excited smile to let her know how much he misses her  and just a hug from her is enough to make his worries and fears subside  although i know he’s probably dying to know if she’s better or if she’s  getting healthier.


He doesn’t give her his opinions about not telling her mom about her  illness but rather he just asks her what she plans to do and understands  her decisions and when she asks for encouragement and support, he just  squeezes her hand tightly to let her know that no matter what happens,  he will just always be there.

Jiwook has proven to be such a pillar of strength to Yeonjae at this point. 

Always selfless, always giving, loving her unconditionally and without boundaries to the best that he can.

Even if she’s dying, i guess Yeonjae is still considered to be one of the lucky few.

How many of us will ever have the opportunity to love and be loved like that?

Not all are as lucky. 

And i guess even if there are a lot of things that life has treated  Yeonjae with unfairly, at least this is one lucky break that the heavens  have sent her and it is worth more than it’s weight in gold than of any  illness or sickness that she now has and that which is threatening to kill  her.

by: donnapie


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