A Perfect Ending


by twelvejan


“If you weren’t sick would we be more happy than this?”
“If I had lived like the old Yeon-jae who couldn’t talk to people, I wouldn’t have approached you – I wouldn’t have been able to get mom remarried or go on trips. And I would have just dreamed about happiness every day. But right now I am happy.”
Translation: http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com

This. This is what you call the perfect ending. It tied up all the loose ends, without leaving us feeling disappointed or dissatisfied. It gave us closure. It didn’t leave us with a miraculously cured Yeon-jae. It didn’t leave us with utter sadness with her departure. Instead, it left us hanging, wondering when she will die. But this little cliff hanger still gave us closure. Because Scent of a Woman has embedded this little message in our brain cells. That even if Yeon-jae eventually dies, it will be alright. Because she has lived her life to the fullest, with each day being a brand new day. And she taught that, to everyone around her. To embrace each day as if it’s the last.
Acceptance, and living life to the fullest. The two messages SOAW were driving at. Yes, we know this by heart, but yet we still take life for granted. Thinking there’s always tomorrow. Maybe it’s time for us to take a step back and realize this.


One thought on “A Perfect Ending

  1. i really loved the ending… i was scared she may die in the last episode. for a moment i actually thought she died when her friends and colleagues started receiving gifts from her… 😉
    it is a great drama 🙂

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