How Scent Of A Woman made me nuts

ME 1: Good morning!

ME 2: What’s so good about the morning. Did you forget what day it is today?

ME 1: Don’t start! Did you know how depressed I was last night? I’m glad I was able to get over my depression after a good night sleep, and now you’re ruining my mood again!

ME 2: Sorry, but I’m still not over last night’s episode. And I’m so scared about tonight’s episode.

ME 1: Alright, that’s it! My mood’s ruin! Happy now?

ME 2: Are we… really gonna watch it tonight?

ME 1: We’ve seen it from episode 1 – no fail! And you’re telling me to skip the final episode? The FINAL episode! Of all episodes!

ME 2: You don’t have to point out that it’s the FINAL episode! Besides we missed Episode 3, right?

ME 1: Well, that one’s forgiveable, given the circumstances. Besides, we were still able to 본방사수 the first few minutes, right? So it’s still counted.

ME 2: Still, can we just not watch it?

ME 1: And what? Pretend that the drama didn’t finish and wait for it next weekend? Are you joking?

ME 2: Among all of Suna Unnie’s dramas… Why is this drama too difficult to watch?

ME 1: I’d say, among all Kdramas!

ME 2: Well, I don’t watch other Kdramas – unless Suna Unnie’s on it.

ME 1: Well, me neither…

ME 2: Ey…

ME 1: Alright, I watch other Kdramas too… but I don’t 본방사수 them.

ME 2: Would Yeon Jae die?

ME 1: I guess that’s what making this drama the most difficult drama to watch. As if bidding the drama goodbye is not sad enough, we also have to deal of what would happen with the character that we learned to love so much.

ME 2: You didn’t answer my question.

ME 1: Because I don’t know! Ask writer Noh!

ME 2: Alright, let me rephrase. Would you like Yeon Jae to die?

ME 1: YES.

ME 2: Ey….! I knew it, you have a stone for your heart!

ME 1: Well, I’ve been very vocal right from the start that I want her to die. End of story.

ME 2: You are sooo mean! A mean masocist!

ME 1: I guess I am then.

ME 2: I don’t want her to die. Why did they make her character so loveable and why did they make YJ and JW so happy, then kill YJ at the end? That is just plain torture and cruelty.

ME 1: Life is cruel!

ME 2: I’m watching a drama, not life!

ME 1: Let me remind you that the reason why you are this addicted to Korean dramas is because you find it so different from the dramas produced in your own country. And for the first time you get to see the point of your professors in the Film Institute in your university through Korean dramas.

ME 2: Oh, that was a loong time ago! I can’t remember it anymore! I want a happy ending.

ME 1: Escapist!

ME 2: So what? Besides, even if they give us a happy ending, I still won’t be completely happy. The fact that the drama is ending is already making me so sad.

ME 1: So, just because you don’t want to be sad, you want a fairytale-like ending to ruin this drama that has been so awesome right from the start? That is selfish! So very selfish!

ME 2: Don’t you know that a lot of viewers wishes for the same thing?

ME 1: Then all of you are selfish!

ME 2: Stone-hearted!

ME 1: No, I’m not! I’m as sad and scared as you are! I crie with you last night, don’t you remember?

ME 2: So why not join us in prayers so that YJ will live.

ME 1: I don’t want a fairytale! Walt Disney has produced a lot of it. I could easily chose from one of them if I want to. Oh, why would I have to bother with Walt Disney? I have City Hall here.

ME 2: Why can’t it be just like City Hall?

ME 1: o.o

ME 2: City Hall is awesome! I bet you’ll agree!

ME 1: Yes it is awesome!

ME 2: And you love it to death!

ME 1: Yes, I love it to death!

ME 2: So, what’s your problem? If you love City Hall to death – with it’s “fairytale ending”, then why don’t you want a similar one in SOAW?

ME 1: City Hall and SOAW are different! They have a different premise. City Hall’s message is way different from SOAW’s point.

ME 2: They are all Korean dramas for me.

ME 1: I just want a meaningful ending, that’s all. The drama has instilled a lot of life’s lesson over the course of 15 episodes. I won’t forgive the writer if everything that they are trying to point out would all go down the drain simply because viewers wanted a happy ending. If I were to make a wish though, I just wish that SOAW will not end tonight.

ME 2: How dare you call me selfish earlier? That’s a very selfish wish! Don’t you know how difficult it was for Suna Unnie. She deserves a good rest.

ME 1: I know, but I am just so in love with this drama. I still can’t believe it’s ending tonight.

ME 2: Well, me neither. Sigh… I really just want YJ and JW to be happy!

ME 1: YOU want to be happy!

ME 2: Yes, I want to be happy. So what?

ME 1: Sigh… It’s useless talking to you!

ME 2: I can dream, can’t I?

ME 1: You can dream that Suna Unnie and Dong Wook would date in real life. And with that, I’m with you!

ME 2: That made me feell better, thank you!

ME 1: So does that mean we are gonna watch it tonight?

ME 2: I guess so…

ME 3: Both of you are making me crazy! Why don’t you just shut up, eat breakfast and do the things you need to do today, so that you’ll be comfortable watching it tonight. Get your tissues ready and prepare your hearts to say goodbye to the drama. Whether YJ will live or not, all I’m after is a good execution. If YJ will live, a lot of people would be happy, and I guess I’m pretty with that as long as they still get to clearly point out their message about life and death. If YJ would die, a lot of people may be sad, but again, as long as they get their message across, then that wouldn’t be so bad.

ME 4: I can’t understand the three of you… I’m just gonna watch WALL-E today. Less complicated!

It’s official! This drama made me nuts! Would anyone be kind enough to bring me to the psychiatric ward after tonight’s episode?

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