Cramming for TOPIK

Due to unexpected HEAVY load this semester, I didn’t get to prepare for the upcoming TOPIK. Nonetheless, as advised by my dear 선생님 I’m still gonna take it – for the sake of taking it. LOL

I’m not expecting – and not even wishing to pass the 조급 level 3.

So far I’ve only reviewed 2 pages of the grammar part of a previous exam. And has joined one review session completing one listening and listening to explanation on chosen numbers of the grammar part.

I feel bad because I realized that I really really wanted to prepare for it. But I really don’t have time either…

But during the one and only review session that I attended, I was so happy. There were items that I get to answer correctly because of words, expressions and grammar I learned while watching my current drama addiction, Scent Of A Woman. There were also new words that I learned during the review that I have encountered on the drama as well. And it does makes me feel so excited!

I know one week wouldn’t make much of a difference. I’m sure I won’t pass (though I passed the listening part during our review class – but I swear I just guessed most of it). But I’ll try to learn as many as I can this week. I borrowed a book (KLPT Topik 대비서 – 중급) that I’ll be “browsing”. But I’ll be taking a copy of it because I find it a really fun book to read and study. It’s my first time to study a Korean book without any English (apart from the few grammar explanations).

I’m so excited and so happy. I don’t know why Korean makes me feel this way.

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