Hi guys!

Been away from blogging for quite sometime. School’s killing me – softly! Urgh!

What have I been up to recently? Not much actually.

The sad part I haven’t studied Korean for ages. I had to quit my Pegasus Sype classes just after a few lessons. The Push It! classes were quite difficult and it needs lots of time – something that I don’t have.

My only contact with Korean is my Korean playlist. My current Korean drama addiction – Scent Of A Woman. And my one hour a week Korean Language Exchange Program – which I have skipped numerous times.

I’m quite thankful that my Suna Unnie have a currently airing drama. The big fan that I am just can’t afford to miss a single episode of it. So no matter how busy I am with school, I still can learn, though very little, from drama watching and talking with Korean fans after each episode, and stalking Suna Unnie’s me2day, and translating for other fans, and subbing the drama.

If not for the drama, I’m sure my Korean would have gone down the drain. In fact, I can’t talk the way I can a few months back since I have no other opportunity to speak in Korean these day. Luckily my reading and listening skills didn’t deteriorate yet – and must have improved a little.

No matter how much I really wanted to continue studying Korean, what can I do when I can’t even meet deadlines of assignments and papers? I can’t wait for this semester to end and get back on my Korean books.


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