2NE1 Manila Concert – on impulse!

You all know that I’m not a K-pop fan. And even if I recently fell in love with g.o.d. I still can’t pinpoint who’s who until now (except for Yoon Kye Sang of course!). But I’m a Filipino, therefore I know Sandara Park!

I’m not a fan of her when she was still here in the Philippines. But she is very famous. And I find her really cute. And by the time she returned to Korea for good (pre-2NE1) I’m already into Korean stuff – thus the more interested I am with her – and I kinda ‘follow’ her. I even joined (and lurked around) her fancafe and I liked her more when I saw her talking in Filipino in her cafe with her Filipino fans.

I was happy when I saw her cameo in The Return of Il Jimae, and was even happier when I first saw her perform with 2NE1 through ‘Lollipop’. And then I was completely stunned when I first saw their first single ‘Fire’. I can’t believe that it is Sandara!

Since then, the only K-pop group (that is not related, in any way, to Kim Sun-Ah) that I listen to is 2NE1. But, just like how I am with g.o.d. I can’t pinpoint the other members except for Sandara. And I only listen to their music and watch their MVs. I’m really not into performances and music shows.

But last year, in our Korean class, we were required to make an MV and sing a Korean song. Our group choose 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’. Thus I had to watch and rewatch their MV plus performances and dance tutorials.

Since then I’ve grown to like these girls. Their performances were just outstanding. They are oozing with energy and they look like they were enjoying it. And as I learn their dance step for ‘I Don’t Care’, the more I admire them! They have killer dance steps yet they make it appear simple and easy (giving false hopes to a helpless dancer like me).

Anyway, I still don’t ‘follow’ them around, but they will always be my favorite performers.


I’ve always wished they would have a concert here in the Philippines. Kpop groups has started coming here once in a while. If there’s a group that should come here, it must be 2NE1. So I was very happy when I heard that they will have a concert here.

But I forgot about it. Totally!

I only realized it from Facebook feeds on my wall the day of the concert itself. I feel bad that I forgot about it. I haven’t prepared for it. At the same time I have an appointment that day that I would never exchange for a 2NE1 concert.

I would really have to pass by Cubao area on my way h0me from my appointment. It is where Araneta Coliseum is located. It is where the concert is being held. It was past 8:30pm then. I decided to go there and try to see if it’s already starting and if there are still tickets.

Luckily, there are still tickets. There are also a few people buying tickets when I arrived. I suddenly found myself lining up and buying a ticket – the cheap one – Upper Box A.

I can’t believe I really went there!

I just want to see them and hear them perform. Plus I want to see Sandara again. I hurriedly climb the stairs of Araneta, thinking that I was very late for the show that started at 7:00pm. When I took my seat, that’s when I realized that there are actually tons of front acts! So I actually didn’t miss any 2NE1 at all. In fact I was even sleepy from too much front acts. Luckily I was late, so I was spared from watching more than half of the front acts.

When they finally appeared the entire Araneta became alive. So, this is how it feels in a concert. Truth is, it was my first time to watch a concert – ever! I’m glad it was with 2NE1. And I don’t care that I’m alone. Coz I was singing along with the crowd.

They are really awesome. Minzy is so cute with her Filipino greeting and her energy is simply unbelievable. Bom is of course sexy. And CL’s powerful voice is pounding Araneta. And of course Sandara – our very own Sandy. You can feel Sandara’s happiness in the entire Coliseum from the moment they appeared, and until they left the stage. It was indeed her night! She also keeps talking in straight Filipino all through the night. And she also sang her once famous song when she was still here in the Philippines – “In or Out”.

Aside from Sandy’s “In or Out”, my favorites were “Fire”, “Clap Your Hands” and of course “I Don’t Care” (because honestly I don’t know the rest of their songs! I really am not a fan!)

I would have been very sad if I missed their concert! Sometimes things on impulse are much nicer! Thanks for the wonderful concert girls! What a nice way to spend the last few days of my summer vacation. 🙂

One thought on “2NE1 Manila Concert – on impulse!

  1. Unexpected moments such as this one are the best. I am so glad to read how you attended your first kpop concert, for her. 🙂

    Just fyi, her younger brother is also a kpop singer/rapper/dancer known as “박상현” in the MBLAQ group, under 비’s management. He is a sweet young man, very protective of his sister and proud of his filipino lculture. 😉

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