24th TOPIK

I was about ready to give up on the next TOPIK. I have killer subjects next semester. And will have to start on a new part-time job too. And as expected, I spent most of my summer vacation fangirling and watching dramas, instead of studying.

But tonight I received an encouraging and motivating message from my 선생님. She’s asking me if I’m going to take the next TOPIK (and if I’m going to apply for the exchange student program). She said that if I can get a 3급 she can recommend me to a Korean training program. She didn’t mention exactly what kind of training program but nonetheless it made me feel flattered.

I don’t care whether I’ll pass or not. And whether I’ll qualify for whatever training program it is. My 선생님’s message is just so touching that I want to do my best. It made me feel guilty for just playing around this vacation instead of seriously studying Korean.

So, I told her I’m not confident but I’ll take the exam. I’ll probably have to review with her. What should I do? It seems like I have forgotten most of the things she taught us last semester ㅠㅠ. I don’t think I can face her if I’m like this.

I still have a few days left before school starts. I guess my playing around will have to stop today. Tomorrow I’ll be more serious in studying, working and trying my best to finish my to-dos before school starts again. 아자!

2 thoughts on “24th TOPIK

  1. Just curious, what does ‘Aja!’ means exactly? I always hear it and see it being used. Is it similar to ‘Fighting!’?

    • hmm… i’m not 100% sure on the exact meaning… probably you can say “Go!” Depending on the context. Sometimes it’s used with Fighting. “Aja, aja, fighting!” – as popularized by Kim Jung Eun in Lovers in Paris. Or can be used alone. “Aja!”

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