My new dictionary

My new dictionary.

Well, not really new and not really mine… 그냥 사전…

I “sort of” borrowed it from my best friend. She had this for years but she hasn’t opened it (at all!) and I think it’s such a waste that it has never been used. So I decided to ask for it (read: borrowed but probably no intention of returning it to her. 언니, you are not reading my blog aren’t you? Well, in case she needs it again, and I have already gotten used to using it, I’ll probably just get her a new one. 🙂 ). In exchange I gave her my elementary Korean books and my Berlitz Korean Concise Dictionary.

I only use online dictionaries or my Haansoft dictionary (when I’m offline). Then when I started taking Korean classes in our university a friend lent me an electronic dictionary. I enjoyed using that electronic dictionary for one year – mostly because I can carry it around anywhere without breaking my shoulders. I have a Berlitz Dictionary that I won from a 삼육구 game in class but I haven’t used it after opening it. Though it has Hangeul spelling, it is romanized first and it follows the roman alphabet word order. So just imagine how frustrating it is to use the Korean-English section. I was just keeping it as a remembrance from my Korean 10-11 class but have no intention of using it whatsoever. I told my best friend that I might get rid of it in the future or she can have it if she wants to. She seems interested with it so I let her have it.

Now I’m so excited with this new baby. I’m not sure how good the quality of this dictionary is, but it seems that it’s good enough. I have a tendency to check words on those online and electronic dictionaries, use it, then forget about it after 5 seconds. I want to try a different strategy this time. Maybe manually looking for words on a ‘real’ dictionary (and marking them as suggested in the book The Word Brain) would work for me better. At the same time, I want to get more familiar with the ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁ order. I know it will be tasky at first, but I’m sure I’ll get use to it. Of course I’ll never let go of Naver (and/or Et-house) dictionary because I love reading the sample sentences too.


2 thoughts on “My new dictionary

  1. Hi Dia!

    Do you know where we can get (good and unabridged) Korean-English/English-Korean dictionaries here in Manila? I really want to buy one (actually, I want the electronic one but, oh well…).


    • Unfortunately I haven’t found a 한영 dictionary yet in the Philippines (aside from the Berlitzs ones). 😦 I have a new dictionary though. I got it from the speech contest. But I haven’t browsed it yet. 🙂

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