Study Plan – Summer ’11

With the end of my Korean classes, I’m back to self-studying again. I’m anxious because I don’t know how I can handle it this time. I didn’t do well for the past 3, 4 years. I really think that had I been more serious in the past my Korean could have been way better than how it is now. I have no problem exposing myself with the language. I was consistent with it all these years. With tons of dramas to watch, unending loops of Korean songs on my playlist, keeping in touch with Korean friends, participating in Korean forum boards, keeping an eye on news about my Suna Unnie, I don’t think I’ll ran out of “Korean things” to do everyday. However seriously completing a lesson – I have never done that all by myself. I’m also afraid that I’ll start to loose all the things I’ve learned in school for the past year.

However I’m more serious and more motivated now. I’m also inspired by a lot of fellow Korean learners who shows a lot of passion in learning.

I’ve been trying to make a study plan for the past few weeks, but my summer schedule has been sort of a roller coaster ride. Thankfully it has pretty much settled now (hopefully there won’t be any changes). So probably I can layout some good study plans.


I want to take the 23rd TOPIK (중급 ) on September. I want to finish the Sogang Korean Program. I want to finish all (of) my (few) Korean books at home (most of which I have started but haven’t finished). I want to organize my Korean Lessons folder in my laptop (got dozens of stuff I’ve download/written in the past which I haven’t read/reviewed). And I want to make sure I’ll never forget my old lessons.

I want to be able to finish the Sogang Lessons before a new semester starts in our university. And then finish the rest by September. Afterwards I can make a new study plan.

I got myself a new notebook for my summer lessons. I usually start the day reviewing vocabs (thru Anki). Then dedicate at least 2 hours studying my Sogang lessons. I spent the rest of the day doing random things (fangirling, house chores, running errands, more fangirling, blogging, completing a term paper, facebooking, and more fangilring). My entire evening is for my part-time job *sigh*. Then midnights to early morning is either some more Korean studying or a lot of fangirling/spazzing and dramawatching). Once I’m done with the Sogang lessons, I can start finishing my unfinished books and answering old TOPIK 중급 papers.

Setting these goals and laying out a study plan is rather easy. Whether I can keep up with it would be my biggest challenge. Let’s see how far my determination will take me this time.

For starters, I’m NOT allowing myself to rewatch My Name Is Kim Sam Soon until I’m done with the Sogang Korean Program. EVERYTHING on the Sogang Korean Program. I’ve been itching to have a re-watch of my favorite drama of all times. I haven’t re-watched it since I started my Korean classes in the university. As I watch other dramas, I’m pretty amazed with how my comprehension has improved over the past year. I’m sure when I watch My Name Is Kim Sam Soon again, I’ll be surprised with how I can understand more of it now. But I want to complete at least Sogang’s lesson first and surprise myself even more.

3 thoughts on “Study Plan – Summer ’11

  1. I should make a study plan for Summer too… I’ll ask you if you have done everything you planned so you have to do it! 😉
    I might post a Summer study plan too… maybe if I tell everyone I won’t get lazy ^^;

    • Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. Had some changes with my schedule again, thus I haven’t really studied anything for the past week. Fortunately my schedule will be back to normal starting next week, I hope I can carry on with my plans then – hopefully NO MORE CHANGES! XD

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