Multiple Captioning

I’m watching Everyone’s Hero now. As much as I love my good old Gom Player, I usually use KMPlayer now in watching movies. Because I just recently discovered KMPlayer’s ability to display multiple captions.

I learned it from a Korean friend. I saw her watching Brokeback Mountain with English and Korean subtitles displaying simultaneously. I usually look for Korean subtitles HERE (and I would really love it if my favorite dramas have one!), but I didn’t know that it’s possible to play multiple caption tracks at once. I find it really useful. Even if I don’t really need English subtitles for English movies, I just display both Korean and English subtitles so that it’s easier for me to read / look at the subs and associate the English to the Korean words. For Korean movies, as long as I can find Korean subtitles, I always load both English and Korean simultaneously.

I didn’t really want to ruin my viewing pleasures by reading everything and pausing and writing down new words and expressions. I just let the Korean subtitles be there so that I can easily access it whenever I need it – say a word or expression I’m really curious about or to reconfirm some spellings. I also like to compare how some English expressions are expressed in Korean (or vice versa). I don’t really mind if the subtitles are blocking almost the entire screen already. ㅎㅎㅎ!

Of course I hope that I won’t need multiple captions anymore. I wish I can let go of the English captions (for Korean movies or dramas) soon… and in the future I wish to let go of Korean captions too. But for now, I still need both of them. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Multiple Captioning

  1. Very neat!
    I definitely still need English subtitles, but adding the Korean ones is a great idea. (I’d like to learn new phrases but don’t want to get the wrong spelling or totally mishear.) Thank you for the tip!

  2. Yeah, I definitely like having Korean subtitles. I recently started watching We Got Married and I like the fact that there are “captions” and little word bubbles all over the place. It makes it so much easier to learn new words! But I’ve never tried Korean subtitles simultaneously with English subtitles. I bet that would be really useful.

    • 🙂 I don’t read them all the time either. They are still too fast for me too. But it helps me practice my reading. You can also try noraebang style music videos. Singing while reading lyrics helped me improve my reading speed (and if your ears and tongue are not as stubborn as mine, it can help you learn proper pronunciation too). 🙂

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