I used to enjoy Korean drama watching so much. I’m always excited to start watching a new one. And I can usually stay up until early morning  watching episode after episode. But now it seems like it’s becoming  a task. And it’s making me sad.

I can understand my dramas more now, but still not enough (not even close) to let go of the English subtitles. I watch dramas now with its Korean script open in the background and I check it and make a note whenever 1) I encounter a word/expression that I frequently hear but I didn’t know yet, 2) I encounter a useful word that I don’t know yet, 3) I encounter an expression whose pattern I know of, but is said differently compared to the usual textbook sample dialogues and 4) whenever I encounter sweet or witty dialogues. So I usually spend 2 hours or more per episode now.

I’m thinking that this habit is making drama watching tiring instead of enjoyable for me. But whenever I think of dropping the habit and just proceed on watching without taking down notes, I feel that it’s a waste to let precious words and expressions just pass by. Also, it’s a bit difficult to break this habit now. I tend to check the script automatically lately.

I don’t think it’s the drama either. For I’m enjoying my current drama 9 Ends 2 Outs.

I don’t know… Maybe I’m just feeling a bit too tired and extra lazy tonight. In fact it seems like I feel too lazy to do anything. But not tired enough to feel sleepy yet. I’d just probably finish my Korean lessons for tonight and compile my notes. Then I’ll try to get on with 9 Ends 2 Outs again.

One thought on “Dramawatching

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