I’m free!

I clicked the UPLOAD FILE button in our class’ yahoogroups. The FILE SENT acknowledgement message marked the start of my summer vacation! Phew! Finally, I’m free!

The past 4 weeks was hell! Right after our speech contest, I have to deal with school works that piled up. Readings, exams, field works, assignments, papers, papers, and more papers! I missed blogging. I missed watching my dramas. And I missed studying Korean (for the past week, at least) too. God knows how much I anticipated for this day to come – the day when I can leave the past semester behind.

Actually there’s nothing much to celebrate. Summer classes will start by the 14th. 😦 And I also regret the fact that I procrastinated too much. Had I not, I could’ve enjoyed my summer vacation a week earlier. 😦

Well, enough sulking. I’m thankful and am looking forward to the next few days. Summer vacation means more time for Korean study and Korean dramas and fangirling and blogging! Anyway, I’ll only have one class this summer (Math! bleah!). I guess (I hope!) that it would still leave me enough time for all the things that I want to do this summer.

Now to commemorate the beginning of my freedom – a re-watch of  When It’s At Night! 앗싸!

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