Full days ahead

Tonight. I have to finish memorizing my speech & finish my readings for my Ling115 class.

Tomorrow. I want to go jogging while memorizing my speech. Ling 115 class. Then, I have to present my speech in front of our Korean class and to my 도우미 to fulfill our bet (and hopefully I’ll win! haha!). Maybe practice for our play too. Have to look for a dress to wear on Friday. Get a gift for my Korean friend. Sleepover a friend’s place to practice my speech with her. I have to submit a paper for my Ling180 class too (but I guess I won’t be able to make it ㅠㅠ).

Day after tomorrow. I want to jogging again while reciting my speech. Ling125 class. Need to prepare letters and dinner for my ‘best’ Korean friend who’s leaving that day. Have to practice thoroughly for the speech contest and play. Pass by a salon (?). Send my Korean friend to the airport late at night. Have to prepare for an oral exam for my Sociolinguistics class. !!! To think I want to have a good night’s sleep on that day.

Friday. Ling 115 class (please please please have it cancelled! please!). Final oral exam for Ling 180. Speech. Play.

Saturday. Sleep the whole day! 꺄~!

Too much to do. Just too much! Usually I’ll feel stressed with this kind of schedule, but somehow, today, I’m feel so good that there’s no more ‘space’ left for stress to seep in. ^_^


Darn! Why did I even clicked that inbox button? It seems like another friend is about to go to Korea too. ㅠㅠ Oh well, good for her. I should just ask her to buy loads of stuff for me. Yey! Haha! ^__^


3 thoughts on “Full days ahead

  1. Well, you have a really really tight schedule but I think that you’ll manage to do everything on time 😉

    Can you tell the topic of your speech? I’m curious :>

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