말하기 D-7, D-6, D-5, D-4


I spent most of the day practicing for my our Korean play instead. Going home, I listen to the recording of my 도우미 and I get to memorize some (read: SOME!) lines on the way home. I memorized a few (read: FEW!) more lines at home. I finally decided to include a video of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon after realizing that not everyone remembers My Name Is Kim Sam Soon in as much detail as how I remember it. I fell asleep while editing the video



I just spent the day memorizing a FEW more lines. And I started making the powerpoint for my speech. I fell asleep while doing my powerpoint.



A FEW more lines. What’s frustrating is it seems like I didn’t improve much from D-7. I finished my powerpoint.



Met with my 도우미. I’m sure she was not impressed. She still says she liked how I deliver the first few parts, but the rest are boring. It was the same comment she gave to me one week ago. We made a bet though. If I will still not be able to memorize everything by Wednesday, I have to treat her to a Korean Restaurant (about $10/meal). If I will be able to memorize it, she’ll treat me instead.


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