Push It! Day 1 세상 참 좁지요? 2

Push It! Day 1

Last night we had our first lesson Push It! lesson via Skype. It was still awkward, but it was fun! After the introduction, we reviewed basic Korean. And we did a lot of translation practice. I’m still a bit awkward in translating “you” in Korean. I’ve been so used in 존댓말 in school that’s why lately I seldom use 너. I forgot that if the situation is not really formal, 너 can be used and can also be paired with ~요. It’s kinda difficult having to talk in Skype, but I’m really glad that someone can now correct my pronunciation. In our class, we seldom get correct in our pronunciation (unless it’s really a terrible one). Our teacher, I think, is more into getting us understand her questions and letting us express ourselves. I just found out that I’m pronouncing 괜찮다 as just [괜찬다] when it was supposed to be [괜찬타]. I’m really so bad in pronunciation, specially if it involves 받침. Another good thing is that we have an assignment (a long one, and will get longer in the future). 앗싸! I finally have no excuse not to study!

I’m still a bit unsure whether I for the intermediate level already. Yes, the Basic Korean review that we did was ok. I basically know all of them. However I still commit mistakes and are still confused with some of the grammar patterns. Like 이/가 vs 은/는 (thank god I already improved my 을/를 after all these time). But I learned another tip last night. If we have to give an emphasis on a negative thing, say “I am not a student”, we have to use the 이/가 – (저는) 학생이 아니에요. I wish I can use 이/가 and 은/는 comfortably in the future.

We skipped some items on Paper One like the numbers since if you think you are for the intermediate class, it’s given that you should know your numbers already. Honestly, I still have some trouble with numbers at times – specially in speaking.

Since we have time left, we started answering our assignment too.

Honestly (so far), the Skype lessons cannot be compared to classroom lessons. At least not to my current class. With my 2 basic Korean classes aside (since I joined those classes with ‘enough’ basic knowledge already), all I do in my current class is to attend it every day and leave the room after an hour and a half with tons of new knowledge acquired. Our professor is too good that I don’t bother studying our lessons anymore on my own since she’ll basically be able to discuss it in class – and we’ll get to understand it (or so I thought, hahaha). Here in Push It! I guess I have to work my lazy butt off (yey!). 연습 and 복습 should work together. I don’t think I’ll learn survive if I will just rely heavily on our Skype lessons. But it’s a good complement to anyone who is self-studying – especially to a lazy-procrastinating-self-studying-student like me. It’s a good motivation to keep studying since we have a schedule to follow.

I’m looking forward to our next class.

Paper Two
• Unit words
• Combined revision of time and numbers
• Onomatopoeia
• Intermediate use of description (colours)
• Continued family study
• Academic studies
• Places and finding the way
• Further expression of opinion

세상 참 좁지요?

There was a late student last night. We were in the middle of the introduction part when Allan said that a new student by the name of ebrigid is coming in. Ebrigid, a familiar nickname. Although Allan said that it must be another Filipino, I had a feeling that that ebrigid is the same ebrigid that I know. Not to mention at that time, she just replied to a Facebook message I sent her. Could it be really her? My good Singaporean friend?

And indeed it was her! I was really surprised that she’ll join our class. She later told me that she actually found out about it through a post that I made in Facebook. I keep telling her to get out of our class for she’s already very good in Korean. I keep pushing her away and told her to join the Wang class instead. But she said she needs the Push It! class for she haven’t studied any Korean at all for the past year.

Which makes me feel less confident again. If someone as good as her is in our class, am I really in the right class?

Nonetheless it was fun to have her in class. I miss her badly. We are both busy, we seldom get to talk. At least we have a chance to bond for 2 hours every other Monday for a few months (and chat in the background during class – oops! did I just gave ourselves away?). I’m just so happy. 🙂

And since I already finished stalking Shanna‘s blog, I started stalking some other Korean learner’s blog. I was really happy meeting a lot of new friends and fellow learners. And luckily I stumbled into Equinox‘s blog (through starxblinded‘s blog. I highly recommend Equinox’s blog too. It was full of inputs about Korean language learning complied over the years. I stayed up all night trying my best to finish reading her blog. I ended up writing notes as I encounter “mini Korean lessons” one after the other.

And what did I find out on her blog? A photo of ebrigid! Apparently she joined a speech contest in Singapore where Equinox was part of the audience (I think). Equinox even mentioned ebrigid’s speech on her post. (Oops! I swore to ebrigid that I will erase from my memory that I saw her on Equinox’s blog… sorry ebrigid, you’re not blogging, righ? You won’t see this post, won’t you? Hehehe)

And on top of that, I was going through some comments on Equinox’s blog and I was able to open another blog – and to my surprise was another acquaintance’s blog! antisocialnot is a friend from soompi many years ago. She’s also ebrigid’s friend! And she’s studying Korean too. But I didn’t know she has a blog too (though I think it’s more of a personal blog, rather than a language blog, i’m not too sure I have yet to “stalk” it too, hahaha)

It’s a small world, isn’t it? Or shall I say, it’s a small world for Korean language learners?


오늘은 수업을 땡땡이져요.

이번 학기에 공부가 많이 뒤져 있어요. 오늘 학업을 끝내면 좋겠다. 아자!


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